MONSTER Peacock Bass

Here's some of the biggest Peacocks in the Amazon!

Former Texas Ranger baseball pitcher and owner of The Emu Outfitting Company Jim Kern sent us some of his best Peacock Bass pictures from his 34 years of fishing Brazil's Amazon.

Thanks to Jim for the pics and the text!

The black water rivers of Brazil’s Amazon is home to over 2,500 species of fish, the most famous of which is the hard fighting Peacock Bass, the largest member of the African Cichlid family of fish.  These powerful fighters are extremely aggressive producing devastating top water and subsurface action unlike any other freshwater fish in the world. You know you’re fishing for a bruiser when the guide hands you a heavy bait casting rod with a reel spooled with 65 - 80 lb test braided Kevlar line and a 6” top water lure with several 4/0 treble hooks hanging from it!  Within the last 10 years the IGFA has expanded its listing of Peacock Bass to 11 distinct species scattered across South America.

You can expect to catch 4 or 5 species of Peacock Bass including the massive Paca/Acu variety weighing upwards of 30 lbs, the Orinoco weighing upwards of 16 lbs,  the Butterfly Peacock weighing upwards of 10 lbs as well as the Popoca & Oscellris weighing up to 4 lbs.  You can expect to catch 20 – 35 Peacocks per day while fishing the black water tributaries of Brazil’s Rio Negro, Rio Branco and Rio Madeira watersheds in the Amazon on the exclusive waters River Plate Anglers leases from the indigenous Indians.

In addition to Peacock Bass, anglers can catch two or three species of catfish, some of which can top 200 lbs, prehistoric Arapaima & Arowana, several species of Piranha, Bicuda, Jacunda and a variety of Oscars.  Most people target the Peacocks by casting big noisy top water lures, jerk baits and jigs with fly fishermen throwing streamers but they end up catching a lot of “interesting” species in addition to Peacock Bass!

Thanks again to Jim Kern and The Emu Outfitting Company

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