Ice Road Trucking

Canadian Lodge Owner Nathan Hartle describes the long and eventful journey on Canada's winter ice roads.

Ice Road Trucking

By:Nathan Hartle

A cold long winter benefits Big Hook Wilderness Camps at least in one way; the winter road. We rely on winter road to resupply our camp operation. Without it, everything including fuel for the summer would need to be flown in which is very expensive.

Basically, the colder Mother Nature can unleash the better the road. This winter has been no exception; plenty of frigid cold has settled in the North West for some time now creating excellent ice conditions. Unfortunately, the last time I chatted with Sandy Lake Seaplane they informed me that there was very little snow in the bush up north. Limited amounts of snow means we will be in for one bumpy ride along the ice highway.

All of our goods have been purchased and await our pick up in Dryden, Ontario. Just some of the items we plan on hauling this winter include a new screened in porch for SW Lake, several new boats, and about 2 tons of lumber for new docks and countless other projects. Also, an eight passenger van, that dad purchased last fall, will be making the voyage to Sandy Lake.

As usual, I'll try my best to document our expedition northbound. With the help of a GO PRO camera, I have a feeling I'll capture some great footage. In years past, we have experienced exciting moments including vehicle break downs, semi-trucks jack knifed across ice bridges, and narrowly missing lethargic moose along our way.

Last Year's Journey

Good luck on the water/ice everyone!

Author Bio: Nathan and his parents Steve and Evie operate fly-in outpost camps 185 air miles north of Red Lake, Ontario. Located in the grand wilderness of Opasquia Provincial Park, these outpost cabins are the most remote housekeeping cabins in Northwestern Ontario. Nathan's blog post chronicle life without roads in Canada's vast boreal wilderness where the quality of fishing is untouched by humans. Visit their website at

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