The time is now!

It's not too late to book your summer adventure to Canada. Let us take the stress out of planning the perfect trip for you. The time is now!

With the new season upon us, the time is now!

Well my friends... It’s finally that time of year again! With the recent spring-like temperature change felt throughout most of North America, we are starting to see some light at the end of a long wintery tunnel. With that being said, I think it’s safe to say that most of us open-water anglers are starting to feel the itch to get out of winter hibernation, and back onto productive fishing waters.

Now that spring is right around the corner with summer following close behind, it’s time to make those final touches to you gear and tackle to prepare for this season. Whether that means grabbing some new plugs to bring in this year’s trophies, or giving your outboard motor the final tune-up before the first season’s trip; preparation is the name of the game!

With all of the steps that you have taken so far to insure that this year’s fishing season is a success, have you thought about guaranteeing a productive summer angling with a trip to Canada? I know what you’re thinking, ”I know those trips can be fun, but with all of the preparation that goes into planning, who has time to sit down and find the right trip to Canada on a budget?!”

Well... I’m here to tell you that WE DO!

Now... I’m not going sit here and tell you that it isn’t stressful and time consuming to plan a trip to Canada. You have to think about crossing the border, finding the right lodge with the correct accommodations, creating a budget, what you’re going to do for transportation, and... oh yeah, whether or not the lodge you choose is going to be the right place to catch the fish you are targeting! It’s true, if you are looking for an experience to fit your needs while keeping within a budget, it’s going to take some serious time and effort to be a success.

With all of that fun stuff in mind, let me ask you this... If someone offered take on the burden of planning the perfect trip for you, while meeting all of your guidelines and requirements, would you consider it?

I’m no mind reader, but I’m sure the next thought that is popping into your head is, “Yeah, that sounds great and all, but how much would I have to pay someone, on top of trip costs, to do all of that planning for me?”

With Fishulo your answer is NOTHING!

Yes, you read that correctly! Our service is completely free to you. With thirty plus years of experience traveling within Canada to visit the many fishing outposts, lodges, and resorts, we know what Canada has to offer anglers looking for their next adventure. We carry no hidden fees, charges, or surprise bills. We are simply hear to make sure your trip to Canada is everything you have ever dreamt it would be.

All that we ask of our clients is that they take a brief moment to fill out our Adventure Match Survey. This questionnaire is short and sweet, but it gives us the information we need to meet your requirements for the perfect trip. All done! There’s no stress, hours scratching your head in front of the computer, or blindly guessing about what lodge will fit your needs... leave the planning to us! We’ll make sure your needs are met or exceeded while staying within your target budget. That’s it! Once we have built the trip that we feel is the perfect match your preferences we will present our ideas to you and let you make the final decision.

Now... back to our topic of the approaching spring and summer seasons. Now that winter is coming to an end, each day that goes by means spaces at the top lodges are being filled with anglers who have locked in their trip of a life-time. When you add in the fact that there currently an additional money saving opportunity with the exchange rate being almost $1.30 CND for each US dollar, it’s a no brainer! If you are planning to make the trek above the boarder this summer... the time is now!

To begin planning your next Canadian excursion, visit our Adventure Match to find the perfect lodge to suit your personal fishing or hunting preferences.

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