TOP TIPS: Packing for Adventure

Seven of the top tips for packing your Canadian Adventure gear this summer!

Top 7 packing tips for Canadian Adventures:

At Fishulo, we have literally packed for every conceivable wilderness adventure there is! Through those countless adventures, we have developed a few effective tips that make packing for Canadian adventures much easier! With that being said, we have realized that the most common mistakes in packing relate not to what you take, but how you take it. There is a lot to consider when preparing for these trips so we’re hoping the following tips will help!

1) Group Pack –
When planning for your adventure, practice group packing by coordinating what everyone in your party will be taking north of the border. Consolidate loose items into larger containers and DO NOT use paper bags, even for groceries! Everything needs to be in a container. Also talk about what equipment everyone will be taking... Not each group member needs their own rod tube, bait bucket, net, GPS, fish locator, insect repellent and on and on.

2) Use Large Containers –
Rubbermaid makes excellent large storage containers (some with wheels) to further consolidate your gear. Trust me, It's much easier to carry one container than 10 bags. It is important, however, to be careful on fly-ins... be sure to talk to the air-service about the maximum container size for their specific planes.

3) One Trip –
One great rule of thumb for American plan trips (meals provided) is to only take what you can carry in one trip. If you are over on that guideline...take another look and see what you might be able to leave behind.

4) Bigger is Better –
Rather than using separate bags to hold your clothes and personal items, buy one LARGE duffle bag. Despite what you might be thinking, these jumbo bags can be very inexpensive if you look in the right place. Believe me, every penny will be worth it when you are able to take fewer trips hauling gear between points on your voyage. But again, consult with air service (when flying in) about maximum bag size.

5) Watch Your Weight –
Most all fly-in lodges have weight restrictions with regards to luggage and gear! Make sure to take special care in packing to remain within specified weight limits as additional fees will apply if your party goes over. Consider taking powered drinks because liquids eat up weight very quickly. If you do this, be sure to boil lake water prior to drinking just to be safe! Also consider taking less beer and more distilled liquors if your group likes to unwind with a nice drink after a day out on the water.

6) Must Have –
There are certain items you can’t leave without. Your passport, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, lip balm with SPF, life preserver and a first aid kit are a MUST. Make sure everyone in your group is prepared for the worst case scenario!

7) Have Fun! –
Take things that make your trip enjoyable for you, regardless of what your friends and family think. Be it: books, a GPS, cast iron dutch oven, or an extra case of beer. You’re on vacation, HAVE FUN!

To begin planning your next Canadian trip, visit our Adventure Match to find the perfect lodge to suit your personal fishing and/or hunting preferences.

Editors Note: Joel Prunty is the president of Fishulo,llc and is passionate about using his expertise in Canadian wilderness travel to assist anglers and hunters in planning adventures. Over a 20 year association with a Canadian fishing and hunting sportshow producer, Joel visited over 300 of Canada's BEST lodges, resorts and outfitters. He currently sits on the Marketing Advisory Council for Tourism Saskatchewan and was previously named the Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Association‘s (NOTO) member-of-the-year.

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