Keepers... Off the Dock!

Joe Thimm explains a lodge with fishing so impressive, you don't even have to leave the dock to catch your next trophy!

Keepers off the Dock at Cat Island Lodge:
Story by Joe Thimm

In the few trips I have made north of the border, I have been fortunate enough to visit some truly amazing fisheries in Ontario. Thinking back on my visits to the “Great White North”, one of my favorite destinations has continued to be Cat Island Lodge on Trout Lake in Northwestern Ontario. The first time I visited this resort I was 13 years old and from what I can remember, the quality of fishing there was something that many anglers dream of experiencing. When I heard my Uncle Joel say that he was thinking about revisiting Cat Island Lodge again this summer, I jumped at the opportunity to join him. From my past experience I knew that a visit to Cat Island Lodge would produce some great fishing; just how great... was the question.

On the first day of the return visit to Cat Island this summer, our guide Gord Jesmer hovered us right over walleye gold. Our first spot produced one fish, after another, after another... after another. I saw Gord smirk when he saw me reaching for my camera after every fish we netted because, as my uncle Joel put it, “You don’t see pigs like this often in Wisconsin!” Unlike us, Gord knew that we would have plenty of opportunities to get great photos with Walleye and Pike MUCH bigger than the fish we were currently drooling over! In fact, what we didn’t realize is that catching big fish would be the easy part. The challenging part was catching walleye small enough to eat for shore lunch!

- Joe Thimm holding one of many healthy Walleye caught on
his return visit to Cat Island Lodge.

Once we had fished the lake for a day or two we started to get spoiled... The plump 20” Walleye that I was so impressed with on the first day was now considered small on the fish spectrum. Now 21-23” Walleye had become the average. 24” beauties were also frequently caught by our party and trust me when I tell you that there is some serious potential for 25”+ Walleye on this massive lake.

Don’t get me wrong, I have fished at some other true “Walleye Factories ” in Canada, but one thing that sets this lodge apart is the sheer size, health, and consistency of the fish. When speaking with some of the other guests at the lodge we all agreed that you could pretty much drop a line anywhere in this gigantic lake and leave the spot with your limit!

To really prove my point, I’ll describe to you a night that Cousin’s Noah, Eli and I spent at the end of the Cat Island Lodge dock. After a full day of successful fishing I began to unload my gear from the boat to bring back to our cabin for the night. While removing my pole from the boat I couldn’t resist tossing out one more cast from the dock before I called it a day. I unhooked my jig/twistertail combo from my rod and dropped it off of the end of the dock into the water... To my surprise, 3 large black shadows approached the plug from under the doc and BAM... fish on! Within seconds of pulling this healthy 20”+ ’eye onto the doc, my cousins had joined me to begin in one heck of a late-night walleye session. That night we pulled fish onto the dock one after another until it was too dark to see our hooks in our hands!

- Two of many nice 'eyes caught off the dock during the late-night fishing session!

The walleye fishing alone on Trout Lake is enough to keep me coming back from year to year. When you combine that with its world class Pike and Lake Trout fishing, it truly is the best of all worlds for any angler out there. Not to mention Cat Island Lodge’s comfortable accommodations, friendly hosts, beautiful scenery, and Delicious food... need I say more?

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