Cat Island Lodge - This Place Has it All!

Joel Prunty reveals the fly-in fishing lodge that has had him dreaming of his next visit!

I’m planning to revisit one of my all time favorite destinations, Cat Island Lodge. This beautiful Canadian lodge is located on on Trout Lake, which is about 70 miles east of Red Lake, Ontario. In preparation for my next trip I’ve been thinking about what makes Cat Island so special, and to be honest... It literally checks off every box!

Cat Island Dining Room

I look for two key qualities when judging a lodge… Is it remote (Which I prefer), and is the lake or river system large enough to hold good populations of large fish. Trout lake can only be reached by floatplane, CHECK – and the lake covers over 70,000 acres (Which is huge), CHECK.

Cat Island Walleye -
This is just the tip of the iceberg, Cat Island is unique in other ways as well. One example is the fact that it offers exceptional fishing for Walleye, Pike and Lake Trout which is very unusual. The average size walleye is BIG; I'm talking 20 inches plus on average! I know this for a fact because the last time I visited Cat Island we caught so many 20+ inch fish that it was a challenge to find enough fish under 18 inches for shorelunch!


The Lake trout in this late are also plentiful. Here it is very easy to locate and catch the perfect eating size of 5-10 lbs with many opportunities to catch much larger than that.  The Pike fishing here is certainly worth the effort as well with many in the 30 inch plus range with a real shot at a trophy. That is...If you can peel yourself away from the walleye and lake trout fishing!

Cat Island Loons -
In this wilderness setting you will also get a good dose of true Canadian wildlife, we’ve seen Woodland Caribou, bear, moose, several eagles, osprey, and loons just to name a few.


In other considerations, Cat Island Lodge is very affordable for an excellent fly-in, American plan (Meals, guides, maidservice) lodge. Typically a stay this Canadian wilderness hideaway runs about $1,625 U.S. funds for a 5-day trip. The lodge is on a flat, compact spot with a sand beach and an exceptional sunset view. The lodge is owned by Canadians Joyce and Faron Buckler who also operate the air-service, which is a big plus. The air service, Excellent Adventures, shuttles guests to and from their base in Red Lake, Ontario. This talented husband and wife team keep everything humming smoothly all summer.

Cat Island Dock -

So if you are planning a Canadian fishing adventure take a close look at one of my favorite spots, it literally has it all…Cat Island Lodge. Stay tuned, I’ll give you an update when we return from our next trip there!


Editors Note: Joel Prunty is the president of Fishulo,llc and is passionate about using his expertise in Canadian wilderness travel to assist anglers and hunters in planning adventures. Over a 20 year association with a Canadian fishing and hunting sport-show producer, Joel visited over 300 of Canada's BEST lodges, resorts and outfitters. He currently sits on the Marketing Advisory Council for Tourism Saskatchewan and was previously named the Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Association‘s (NOTO) member-of-the-year.


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