Women Anglers: Who says girls can`t fish?!

The old stereo type that women don't fish is a thing of the past!

Who says girls can`t fish?!


No one at Totem Resorts – that’s for sure!
Here at Totem Resorts in Sioux Narrows, Ontario, Canada we have noticed a definite trend towards couples, families and corporate groups bringing both male and female guests on fishing trips!  Totem Resorts hosts many women anglers that join us year after year! Every year that number seems to be increasing and we love it!! Many of our guests are bringing their wives for one fishing trip and end up returning yearly! The women at Totem Resorts are rocking it at fishing – with trophy fish almost every day!!


There once was a stereotype that women do not fish or they just go fishing to “hang out” with their significant other – and that is definitely not true! At Totem Resorts, we have many women and all women groups that stay with us! We host many talented and skillful women anglers that challenge even our best fishermen!

I would like to share my personal experience being a woman angler! I grew up with countless weekends spent out on the lake fishing with my father - I have vivid memories of learning how to handle a rod, how to cast, bait my own line and net a fish when I was barely walking! From then on, I have always been drawn towards fishing! Any time I had the opportunity to join a fishing trip I jumped right on it! Weekends and vacations were spent camping and going to ‘the cottage’ which included daily fishing at sunrise and sunset! Now I find myself working at nowhere other than the best fishing resort in Northwestern Ontario – Totem Resorts!! I am surrounded with people who love fishing and I am able to go fishing almost any time I would like! I have also had the opportunity to improve my skills, from boat manoeuvring to new techniques for different species to all about a world renowned fish – the Muskie! What a beautiful and amazing fish! They always leaving me shaking with pure excitement after an encounter – pure adrenaline rush!!!

I will never forget my first Muskie experience. I was invited out to go Muskie fishing with one of my co-workers, and naturally I jumped on the opportunity! This particular co-worker is a very intense and enthusiastic Muskie fisherman – but whom better to learn from?!  After a couple hours of casting and nothing but a few shadows lurking, we pulled into the perfect bay, where I casted right to the base with a topwater and sure enough there was a giant wake following right behind – I was already shaking. He (my co worker) told me – everyone screams the first time they see a Muskie, but I was sure I was not going to be one of those people!  As soon as she came close to the boat, what did I do but scream?! She was MASSIVE!! As I screamed and jumped back, I knocked a (very expensive) rod right into the water! What a disaster! Lucky for everyone (including my wallet) the bay was very shallow and we were able to retrieve the rod. Needless to say I learned a lot that day, as my co-worker caught two that same day along with my help!  Now I am comfortable and confident casting and jigging, performing a figure 8 with any monster following right behind, netting and holding 50+ inch Muskies!
I just wanted to share a little bit of my own fishing history with all anglers for a couple reasons.  Firstly, everyone is nervous and scared when they try something new – so do not let that discourage you!  Learning how to fish can be a bit overwhelming and frustrating, but I am confident that once you are past this stage, you will find a deep enjoyment and satisfaction from fishing! Secondly, as a women angler I have faced many “bad” experiences, but I have never let that intimidate me, and neither should you!  And lastly, all anglers no matter their experience and sometimes “intensity” level are more than happy to share something that they are passionate about! Sometimes all it takes is a simple question!


Beginners, regardless of gender, are often intimidated with all the gear and technical aspects of fishing – there is so much to learn! Many women are often actually completely open to learning to fish and once they have learned the basics of a rod and reel set up, how to cast, jig, net a fish, etc. their confidence in their skills increases, which opens them to endless opportunities to connect to the outdoors, establish new friendships and share good times with the men in their lives who love to fish!  Another factor that has had some women shy away from fish was the fact that most fishing gear was tailored towards men. This is definitely changing, with many big brands in fishing now offering an exclusive line of fishing gear and clothing for women.

I want to empower women of all ages and experience levels to get out there and fish!! It is not just for men - all women should try fishing! It is a fantastic activity for women of all ages – it is an excellent way to relax, get outside and have some fun! Who wouldn’t like to be in the heart of a beautiful lake, sitting in a boat with a few friends and maybe catch a fish or two! Sounds like a great time for anyone! You can basically fish any time of the year, any time of the day and almost any place in the world for all different kinds of fish! What a beautiful opportunity to get outside and see the world – now get out there!


Article by: Nicole Gionet



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