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My journey through the Canadian wilderness began in 1989. Like most travelers crossing into the Great White North, I was drawn by a desire for a fishing experience that I couldn't find at home. That first adventure took me to Ron Booi's place; a legendary Canadian lodge on Big Cannon, north of Vermilion Bay, Ontario.

Anyone who has ever met Ron could never forget him... Physically, he has embodied the Canadian bush. At six-foot-two, with a flannel shirt covering a barrel chest and a deep voice to match, he was right at home deep in the Canadian wilderness. Adding to that, Ron was the best story teller I've ever heard... That is, unless you count "the Great McCreight," but he's a whole other blog post for another day.

The fishing was amazing, better than anything I have ever experienced at home. In fact, I hit the grand slam catching lake trout, smallmouth, northern, walleye and muskie in the shortest seven days of my life. Twenty years and maybe a 100 Canadian fishing trips later...the fishing is no longer the main attraction drawing me to Canada.

Don't get me wrong, the fishing is more incredible now than it was 20 years ago! I still love to catch fish, especially when it involves reeling in trophy pike! What's different now, however, is that I've grown to love the Country, the people, the towns and the incredibly vast wilderness even more. The experiences have all become part of who I am, and its part of my family as well. Now every border crossing I make feels like one big ol' family reunion.


  • Fishulo provides guidance to anglers and hunters looking for the perfect Canadian Adventure!


What makes planning a Canadian adventure so challenging for anglers and hunters is the incredible array of lodges and outfitters to choose from. While the differences may seem subtle between one lodge or outfitter to another, the choices you make will largely affect the overall success of your fishing or hunting trip.

That is the whole purpose behind Fishulo... We allow you to utilize our expertise within the industry to find an adventure that perfectly fits your needs. In-turn, our free service allows you to experience the perfect Canadian trip without any of the stress or uncertainty of planning it yourself!



Joel Prunty -
Editors Note: Joel Prunty of Fishulo,llc is passionate about using his expertise in Canadian wilderness travel to assist anglers and hunters in planning adventures. Over a 20 year association with a Canadian fishing and hunting sport-show producer, Joel visited over 300 of Canada's BEST lodges, resorts and outfitters. He currently sits on the Marketing Advisory Council for Tourism Saskatchewan and was previously named the Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Association‘s (NOTO) member-of-the-year.


To begin planning your next Canadian excursion, visit our Adventure Match to find the perfect lodge to suit your personal fishing or hunting preferences.


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