Oak Lake Lodge: A Top Walleye Fishing Vacation Destination

Find out why Oak Lake Lodge is the best destination for Walleye fishing in Ontario!

Oak Lake Lodge:


If you’re into fishing, especially if you’re looking for the perfect fishing vacation to catch plenty of beautiful walleye in Canada, look no further. Oak Lake Lodge is an exclusive fly-in only fishing lodge located in the northwestern region of Ontario, Canada.

The Lodge stands out amongst others for many reasons, the most notable revolving around the lodge’s gorgeous private lake. Served by a nutrient and oxygen-rich river system, this body of water is packed to the gills with healthy, thriving Walleye. If you’re planning your own Canadian fishing vacation, its no secret that catching plenty of healthy fish should be #1 on the agenda. According to many of the online customer reviews we have received over the years, Oak Lake Lodge is a walleye fishing haven second to none. You’ll have absolutely no problem catching as many healthy walleyes as you want -- some of them measuring up to 32 inches!



Oak Lake lodge also stands out for taking privacy to another level. The fly-in destination can be reached only via float-plane making the lake exclusive to Oak Lake lodge guests only. You won't find any weekend fishermen here. The lodge’s private lake status coupled with the fact that it sits on government protected waters makes Oak Lodge the best Canada has to offer. In fact, we have been frequently labeled the best and most exclusive walleye fishing destination in Canada; a true representation to what we offer all of our guests.


Oak Lake Lodge's Private Cabins
Unbelievable fishing in an isolated location isn't all Oak Lake Lodge has to offer either. Visitors also experience unmatched service and hospitality from the Lodges experienced staff. Owners, John and May are extremely passionate about the service they provide to their guests. They care so much about offering the highest level of service that they cater to a maximum of 34 guests at a time. This measure, combined with the catch and release policy, also ensures the lake is never over-fished. At Oak Lake Lodge, no guest will ever have to worry about competing with other angler or guests from other lodges or areas.


Customer reviews from lodge visitors also highlight the delicious meals that are served daily. Our menu features many tasty and hearty dishes prepared by experienced cooks. Your daily walleye catch is prepared and cooked to perfection for you right on the shores of Oak Lake. The lodge also offers many other delicacies from grilled chicken and turkey, to roast pork or tenderloin. We can't forget to mention the delicious full breakfast and variety of salads and sides. The lodge also features very clean, detailed and comfortable accommodations unique to Canada's best lodge. Customers are sure to enjoy complete comfort when enjoying the magnificent views and breathtaking flora and fauna that surround.



It gets better!

Despite Oak Lake Lodge being known as a world-class walleye fishing destination, you can catch many other fish species as well. Just to start, Oak Lake's fishery contains plenty of muskie, northern pike and small-mouth bass. What more would you ask for in a fly-in fishing destination on a private lake?

Oak Lake Lodge management promises and delivers unforgettable fishing experiences, excellent guiding, high quality and well maintained fishing resources, great meals, top-notch accommodation as well as professional, friendly and detailed service.

Let’s get into more in-depth information in an effort to highlight why Oak Lake Lodge is so terrific.

Getting There: A Hassle-free Experience

Oak Lake Lodge may be an exclusive fly-in fishing lodge, but getting here is easy. We make a point to helping you plan your trip from beginning to end. As soon as you arrive in Canada through the International Falls border crossing, a float-plane awaits your arrival in Vermilion Bay, Ontario. The flight to the lodge is included in your trip and is planned meet your specific needs. (Vermilion Bay also has a runway that can be used by guests flying to Canada on private planes as well.) To ensure fast, smooth and comfortable transportation to and from the lodge, we provide our guests detailed and specific travel information. 



Oak Lake Lodge's Modern Restrooms
Oak Lake Lodge has five cottages. Three cottages accommodate eight people, one cottage provides for six-people,  and one cottage comfortably fits four. In total, the lodge can accommodate 34 guests. When you arrive at Oak Lake Lodge, expect clean and comfortable cabins featuring all of the amenities of home. Hot showers, flush toilets, clean-running water, heat and electricity are just a few of the accommodations we provide. The well furnished and carpeted cabins feature wood stoves, chopped logs, comfortable sofas, arm chairs, and refrigerators. The beds include clean linens, pillows and blankets while the restrooms are complete with soft, fluffy towels to make our guests feel at home. Oak Lake Lodge has also gone a step further and screened-in all of its porches. As a result, you don’t have to worry about swatting black flies, moths, or mosquitoes while you enjoy the sunset from your private porch.



Fishing is the main activity at Oak Lake Lodge and our season stretches from mid-May to late September. We do, however, offer archery hunting as well near the middle of September. As mentioned above, this lodge is fishing haven (walleye fishing to be precise). This is all thanks to its private lake status and rich waters that ensure guests won't be competing for fishing spots with local anglers or guests from other lodges. Considering the lodge caters to only 32 guests at a time, you never have to worry about missing your catch and/or fishing in crowded, over-fished waters.



Fishing is also uninterrupted thanks to the new fishing equipment/resources. All of the fishing boats and motors are in top shape at all times to ensure guest's fishing experiences are uninterrupted by break-downs or malfunctions. The 16’ Lund Rebel boats (for guests without guides) and 17.5’ Lund Outfitter boats (for guests with guides) feature top quality motors every year. Along with emergency paddles, safety vests, and wet lockers for your fish, the boats also include sturdy upright padded chairs. Bait can be acquired at the live-bait services located in the lodge’s tuck shop. The docks are also in great condition featuring slip-resistant material. When it comes together, you couldn’t ask for a better fishing experience in a fly-in destination in Ontario, Canada.



A Delicious Oak Lake Lodge Dinner
Chicken, turkey, pork and more form the main supper menu. The lodge also serves many other delicious dishes to accommodate special requests made ahead of time.  After the morning fishing expeditions, our guides transition into personal chefs and cook the morning's walleye catch on shores of Oak Lake (guided trips only). Lunch is served alongside a variety of salads and sides from the lodge’s kitchen. All meals prepared and are cooked for you our guests to maximize their relaxation and allow them to focus on your core reasons for taking a fishing vacation.


Overall service

Oak Lake Lodge staff pay unmatched attention to detail and handle guest requests expeditiously. The staff are also extremely knowledgeable and friendly. In fact, all of the lodge's guides grew up fishing, hunting and exploring in Quebec. They are here to assure that you have smooth expeditions thanks to their wealth of knowledge and expertise about fishing or related subjects of interest. The owners John and May also make a point of welcoming and chatting with guests whenever possible. 



August Northern Lights at Oak Lake Lodge
The above information highlights some of the main reasons why Oak Lake Lodge stands out as one of the top fishing vacation destinations in Canada.  The lodge also has all the supporting amenities to qualify as one of the best (if not the best) walleye fishing lodges in Canada. Very few destinations can boast of having a private lake packed with walleye and other popular fish species. Customer reviews also tell it all! Check us out on Trip Adviser!

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