Spring Fishing Conditions in Alberta

Despite less than ideal conditions this spring, the Alberta Boyz are still reeling in some beautiful Trout!

Story Provided By: Alberta Boyz

Well the ice is off early this year! It usually doesn't come off the bigger lakes until the second week of May and usually right around the end of April for the smaller lakes in Alberta. Although the ice is finally out, conditions so far have not been ideal for anglers or the fish population. We've had very little snow this winter, and hardly any rain so far this Spring. That is very strange for Alberta as we typically get tons of snow during the winter and sizable amounts of rain each spring. At this point the lakes and rivers are very low which is not great for the fish populations or well the anglers targeting them. Unfortunately with these type of conditions, the fish begin to die off in the shallow lakes and rivers. At the same time, the lower water level causes the fish in the bigger lakes to move to different areas that are unusual making it extremely hard to find them.

With that being said, we are praying for rain as the forest fires within the area have been eating up much of the amazing province of Alberta.

But with early ice-off comes early fishing, which is something to look forward to.The bigger lakes in the area do not open until the end of May and some don’t open until June 1 for several species for spawning reasons. So that’s leaves Trout fishing open all year in most of Alberta!

A Beautiful Spring Alberta Trout
Spring Trout fishing is usually fantastic due to the fact that the bugs aren’t out in full force yet. The fish are really active during this time and are looking to eat just about anything after ice out. If you love fly fishing this is the place to be in Spring, but spinners and Mepps work just as well. We did really well this spring and had a lot of fun reeling in these beautiful fish. So get out there and enjoy some early fishing in Alberta!


Skippers Tackle Box spinners are always a great choice for Spring Trout!

The Alberta Boyz prefer Skippers Tackle Box spinners for spring Trout Fishing.  



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