Manitoba Master Angler Minute - Fishing for Jumbo Mooneye

Follow Aaron Wiebe as he showcases where, when and how to catch mooneye in Manitoba!

It’s tough being a twin! Almost identical to its closest relative, the goldeye, the mooneye is often mistaken for its next of kin, and equally, vice versa. The best part about this mistaken identity is that the mooneye has everything to offer that the goldeye does. Whether it’s the highly demanded angling experience or gourmet qualities, they are both one in the same, with a slight difference in distinguishing details.

These wandering river superstars are a cherished catch for those who religiously savour their highly prized smoked flesh and eagerly await their annual arrival. Each year, enthused anglers customarily gather at known mooneye hot spots. Like an alluring angling pilgrimage, they indulge in the generous opportunities that these flashy little predators so willingly offer.

Connecting with an amassed school of hungry mooneyes is the quintessential example of an epic feeding frenzy. Cast after cast can be met with a voracious bite, a spectacular jump and a fiery of vigorous runs. Similarly entertaining, is the conventional fishing method that demands an unwavering focus to the instant submersion of a drifting bobber. A visually exhilarating experience that is adored by anglers of all ages and widely acknowledged as a popular Manitoba pastime!  



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