Happy Fall to all my Hunting Bloodbrothers

Many of us hunt year round for a variety of legal game but when summer winds down and fall is in the air, it's GO TIME!

I know I’m not the only guy that literally goes nuts at this time of year. In fact, I would wager rather confidently that nobody nowhere at no time hangs out with more gungho, die hard hunters than I do.

I also know that that is quite the bold, brazen statement, but facts and statistics just don’t lie.

You see, in the summer of 2014, I not only performed my 6500th rock-n-roll concert during my summer long SHUTUP&JAM! tour, but I also celebrated my 6500th roundtable meeting in every city that I have ever performed in, and that represents an enormous number of people and more importantly, what I believe is an unprecedented number of bull sessions with like-minded dedicated hunters, fishermen and trappers and just all around outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts. And when I say enthusiasts, that is truly the understatement of the century.

Though there is nothing wrong with casual hunting, and even the take it or leave weekend warrior who may or may not put forth the effort to get out there, in my gregarious highly mobile adventurous touring and hunting life, the vast majority of hunters I know live it to the fullest by any scale of measurement.

Heck, I actually know guys that hunt Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and beyond each summer, hunting nonstop throughout the year while the rest of us are hard at work preparing for the fall/winter rituals.

My buddy and hunting legend Jack Brittingham travels all over the globe in pursuit of critters I can hardly pronounce, then come late summer, he is already heading for Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Alaska before the Texas deerseason even kicks in!

Hunting addict and BloodBrother Razor Dobbs of Razor Dobbs Alive on Outdoor Channel is back in Africa with his Mathews bow and CZ rifle after dangerous and plains’ game yet again. The guy is bonkers for hunting adventures.

And why not? The reasoning predator DNA is a force to reckon with in our species, and those who can maneuver their lives to maximize such fun need not make any excuses whatsoever. For a hunter to hunt to his or her natural desires is as pure an instinct as there is.

Me, I hit it pretty hard as well, running a year round trapline on our sacred SpiritWild Ranch homegrounds in Texas, hunting small game, hogs, varmints and exotics literally everyday I am home. Even while on tour across the country, I get after the woodchucks, starlings, blackbirds and whatever is legal when hubbing out of our beautiful hunting grounds in Michigan.

It is not unheard of to find time here and there while touring to hook up with some hunting buddies for some kind of legal critter pursuit no matter what part of the country I may find myself. Then of course it all comes magically together as summer winds down, I put my poor, abused Gibson guitars in temporary and well-earned rehab, and unleash the meat hungry predator within for what can only be described as a nonstop hunting orgy of insane fun, challenge and meat gathering from late summer through late winter.

Since I do 95% of my hunting with bow and arrow, the engineered restrictions of this closerange weapon is regulation enough to keep me bright eyed and bushytailed every day. I experience many long dry runs where the critters booger me and I get skunked way more often than I bag game, but it is this archery hunting challenge that so wildly turns my crank.

And when the planets finally align and my arrow finds its mark, the joyous celebration is exciting beyond words. I cherish every intensely stimulating minute of every day afield.

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