SusieQ Gets a Barnett Penetrator

I love to bow hunt and the Barnett has enabled me to do what I truly love to do.

When I decided to buy a crossbow so I could hunt during archery season, I looked at a few companies. There are so many great crossbows to choose from that I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted to begin with but decided on Barnett. I looked over every crossbow that Barnett offered and studied the differences between each model. The final decision factor was that it had to offer a crank attachment built right into the stock as I needed the optional crank attachment. Everything I saw from weight, looks, performance and the draw string crank pointed to the Penetrator.

The best overall reasons for choosing my Penetrator:


  •   175 draw weight
  •   16 ft. lbs of energy
  •   12" Power Stroke
  •   350 FPS


  •  8.6 lbs weight
  •   37" length
  •   24" width
  •   20" arrow length

I received my Barnett Penetrator Crossbow package in the mail and with my husband Danny’s help we got it put together. I have to say the way it was packaged was impressive and complete. Barnett thinks of everything down to every detail. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get it outside and shoot it.

In my package I received:

• Barnett Penetrator Crossbow

• Quick Detach Quiver

• Three 20" arrows

• 4 x 32 Scope

• Crank cocking device

• Plus all tools I needed to assemble my Penetrator.

Since I hadn’t gotten my new crossbow target yet, I used my old bag target, BIG mistake! I ruined one of my arrows on the first shot with complete penetration of the target. OK, I knew I had to get a better, stronger target.

Just to make sure that I had enough crossbow arrows, I went to and ordered a pack of Barnett Crossbow arrows with 125 grain field tips and a new McKenzie Crossbow target.

When my McKenzie Crossbow target came in I was ready to try shooting again. We shot it from 15 to 30 yards. I was really thrilled with the way my Penetrator was shooting even though I had quickly ruined one of my arrows shooting at the bag target. From 15 to 30 yards, I had to use the top line in my Barnett scope. I was amazed. At 15 yards, I held at the top of the circle and 30 yards it was at the bottom of the circle.

I am extremely happy with my Barnett Penetrator, it shoots absolutely outstanding and far greater than I ever expected. I just cannot say enough about how happy I am with my crossbow. It is fast, accurate and just plain fun to shoot. Being a life long bowhunter I never knew I would enjoy shooting a crossbow so much.

I have taken the Penetrator hunting since then and my stand is 20 yards from where the trail is. I have not seen anything so far when I have been out but I know this is a good location so it’s just a matter of time. Hopefully soon, I will be able to get something with my crossbow. Gun season has opened but I still want to take a deer with my Barnett. I also ordered the Barnett X-Blades 125 grain for this season.

I’m still in the learning stages as hunting with a crossbow is a bit different than my compound. The first time I went hunting, for example, I waiting until I got in my stand to crank back my Penetrator. The stand is so small that I just did not have enough room making it hard to do. On my second time, I cranked it back on the ground, pulled the bow up and then nocked the arrow when I was ready in my stand. It was so much easier than trying to crank it in the stand.

I love to bow hunt and the Barnett has enabled me to do what I truly love to do. It is a quality piece of sporting equipment and they are a great company to work with. So, if you want to give crossbows a try, regardless of the reason, start your search with Barnett Crossbows. After more then 50 Years in the business I can attest to their product and service. Good Luck Hunting!

for more go to: Barnett Crossbows

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