Miller's Tips: Turkey Tips #2

In this Tip, Jim covers box calls and gives some hints on how he uses them.

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By: Jim Miller By: Jim Miller

BOX CALLS: There is a number of box calls on the market and my favorite box calls are the Bradley Custom Call's Running Hot with Purple Heart lid and mahogany sides. The Illusion box Quick change paddles with the Purple Heart lid and yellow wood have unbelievable sounds out of two different paddles with an instant change for that ole Wiley gobbler that now thinks there are 2 hens giving him those sweet clucks and purrs. But my old favorite is an old Strut & Rut Box Call for the 80’s when Jim Jones and Mike Morgan put together some of the finest box calls ever on the market. This box had a Black Walnut lid and a Cedar Side box, let me tell you there is a large number of Gobblers that hit the dirt with an arrow thru them while using this deadly box call. FYI, my 1990 bow Grand Slam, was taken while using this STRUT-N-1 Box Call. A couple of suggestions, do not ever and I mean EVER let anyone use or practice on you personal Box Call. The way you use the lid to strike the box is different from other people and they will screw up your box call, change the pitch and tone. You might as well put the box call up in your office, den or your garage as its sound will not be to your liking again.

Also take care of your Box Calls by keeping them in a dry and cool place in the off season so they will not dry out or become warped. Also, make sure you use a chalk that has no oil in it. I prefer to use Primos Brown Chalk which is very dry with no oil.

Bradley Running Hot with Purple Heart lid and mahogany sides. Bradley Running Hot with Purple Heart lid and mahogany sides.

I’ve found that Box Calls will carry the sound much better than any other call on the market when you need to get loud on windy days so that old Gobbler will hear your calling. My favorite call is to use the lost call and then crank it up. This is where I start out very low, using 3 to 6 yelps and then go up in crescendo of about 13 to 16 yelps and ending on a run with the loudest yelps I can create . This is very effective in late afternoon  when an old gobbler is out looking for company. You must remember this is the breeding season and a lot of the hens are on the nest and when that Gobbler hears a lone hen crank up looking for company that Gobbler is going to come running to your lost call knowing there is a hot receptive hen there. 

Some of the other box calls on the market today that  I would recommend are; ZinkPrimos and Knight & Hale  to name a few. Another way you can go is with an easy to use push button box.

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