What's on the Agenda? Two Bucks!

Young Ty Weaver, on staff for Bear Archery, goes from an impressive tournament win to the field with his Bear equipment and drops two great whitetail bucks. Think Ty is pretty happy with his Bear? You bet.

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To say that I am excited to be a part of the Bear Archery Team is an understatement. Trophy Ridge Accessories and Rocket Broadheads are also Bear companies. I have always been a huge fan of the legendary Fred Bear and every time I carry my gear to the field I truly feel like I am walking among legends.

I remember when I was first invited to join the Bear Archery Team. They sent me a Motive 6 the day before the annual pop-up 3D shoot in the Alamo Dome. With the React sight installed I had just enough time to take a dozen shots in the back yard before making the drive to San Antonio. It was love at first shot. Smooth, fast, quiet and zero hand shock. I qualified the first day in San Antonio and earned one of the top ten spots for the shoot-off on Sunday. I had the Bear bow set up for hunting with Carbon Express Pile Driver arrows with screw in field points. Absolutely no target gear whatsoever so in my mind reaching the finals was a major accomplishment amongst all the target shooting pros.

My confidence continued to grow after every shot and before I knew it I was in the second seat shooting for the win. Dad was so nervous that he left the dome and stood out in the hall. I had to text him to tell him that I won the shoot.

I returned to the Alamo Dome the following season with my Bear Agenda 6 hunting rig and placed second in the same shoot. I'm not bragging here, I am simply saying I really love my Bear bow. They are remarkably forgiving but now it was time to test this bow in the field.

Dad and I were out in West Texas near Sonora, at our hunting lease with a few friends. The terrain is thick with cedar, live oak and cactus with several steep draws meandering through the property. The first morning dad and I sat in a ground blind and noticed several bucks feeding under a huge live oak tree. After the morning hunt we walked to the huge oak and noticed that it's heavy limbs made it easy to climb and also acted as a natural elevated perch for both of us. We didn’t have to trim a single branch! We were super excited about this natural set-up. We hoped that the nice eight point that we spotted feeding under the live oak would show up that evening.

We went back to the camp to fill our bellies, pick on my sister, take a few practice shots and shower with Dead Down Wind Products. I had my Pile Drivers fletched with Goat Tuff Opti-Vanes and tipped with Dead Ringer Broadheads and they were flying great and hitting true on the practice target. We put on our HECS under garments and headed out hunting. By the way; if you haven’t checked out HECS, you are missing out on a very important advantage.

Dad and I climbed into the big live oak ready for action. I was sitting on a huge limb and Dad was sitting slightly higher and behind me with the video camera ready. While sitting I drew my bow several times to make sure I was comfortable.

Ty on his perch waiting for some action.

Within minutes deer were coming out of the steep draw. As the afternoon rolled on I felt a cold wisp of air on the back of my neck signaling prime time. Sure enough I spotted a nice buck in a clearing about 300 yards away. My Alpen Binoculars confirmed it was the big eight point a long way off but the acorns from the big oak along with Buck Draw from In Sights pulled the buck right to me.

As soon as that buck plunged his face into the Buck Draw I slowly drew. I had changed to the incredible Equalizer Release from Goat Tuff a few years ago to gain more arrow speed and it worked like a charm. The buck never reacted to the shot until the arrow passed through him. Then he kicked high, staggered 30 yards and went down. The Dead Ringer blew through the buck and did its job. There was no need to give this buck time to lay down and expire, he was dead when he hit the ground.

We hopped out of the tree and sprinted to the buck. He is not a world record but a nice buck. One great lesson learned during this hunt; don’t be afraid to reposition your set-up when deer movement dictates a pattern. The “pattern” may not last long but you can always use products like Buck Draw to manipulate the pattern.

Everything worked as it should and Ty celebrates with his trophy.

A few weeks later we were invited to a friend’s property to hunt whitetail. His ranch was beyond beautiful and loaded with food plots but unfortunately it was not setup for bowhunting. We arrived at the ranch just as it was getting dark so decided to get up early the next morning and set up a pop-up ground blind at the edge of a food plot close to a deer trail and hope for the best. I will be honest; I am not a fan of hunting from a pop-up ground blind unless they are brushed. So, at 4 a.m. we started by hauling in cedar branches with us to minimize noise. When done, we settled in. As dark started turning to day I could see a few deer entering the food plot and the Buck Draw that was also put out. As each new deer came into the field, they all headed for the Buck Draw including a beautiful nine point.

Blind is brushed in and ready for some buck action.

I hooked my Equalizer and started raising my bow when dad grabbed my arm and pointed out a small crack in the side window panel. I couldn’t believe I was seeing the largest deer I have ever seen while hunting. He was feeding in the food plot for an hour well out of range and then, like the others, he headed for the Buck Draw. I was so focused on him that I didn’t notice a doe staring right at me. She stomped at my movement and Mr. Tines stopped at 35 yards. His vitals were exposed, giving me a shot and I knew it was now or never.

The arrow exited the buck’s vitals and I watched the biggest buck of my life crash just 40 yards from where my arrow hit its mark. We tried to remain silent and still, we really tried but how do you contain yourself after this experience? Dad made me watch the buck with my Alpen’s for thirty minutes before we approached. The 75 yard sneak to that monster felt like a mile! Quiet was over as soon as my hands touched those antlers!

Author with the best buck of his life. So far.

Stay tuned for my next article when we hunt Cape Buffalo with the Agenda 6! “Black Death with a black Bear”

“Every kid is waiting to be invited outdoors. Ask them!” Ty Weaver


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