Filming Your Own Hunt

Filming your own hunt has become more and more popular as social media and YouTube have taken off. Now, you can let your friends re-live the moments you experience in the field. The number one problem here is people realize that this can be a huge burden. The first deer you bust by trying to film it usually makes people re-think about how important the footage is to them

The good news, though, is there are many companies out there trying to constantly come up with new products to make this easier for everyone. GoPro’s are very well known and a great camera, however they have an extremely wide-angle lens. What this means for you as a hunter is the deer looks like a tiny spec, even in close.

One company that has really looked at all the shortcomings of other cameras has created a terrific hunting camera – it’s called Tactacam. It zooms in much more than a GoPro, and comes with some amazing accessories that are made specifically for bows and guns. You’re no longer trying to make a bicycle handle bar bracket work with your gun and now they even have an actual stabilizer that the camera fits in and mounts right on your bow. The gun attachment mounts right to your scope so you get a really cool shot looking right down your barrel with the animal in clear view. If you can shoot it you’ll be getting it on camera. Now you don’t have to mess with a tree armor trying to hold a camera when you really should be worrying about making the shot.

Another great feature I love is the record on and off. On a GoPro you’re always trying to see if it’s actually recording and there are a ton of menu settings to go through that many people mess up. With the Tactacam it has a one touch easy option with auto record. There is also a vibration that indicated that it’s on or off so you can simply feel it through your gun or bow. It has a rechargeable battery and I’ve found that you can get around 2 hours of record time so plenty of battery to cover you on hunts. It’s also waterproof and shock resistant which is important to all us hunters. It needs to be tough and reliable if it’s going with us in the field!

It’s no surprise it was created by hunters for hunters. Great to see things tailored to fit our needs in the field and of course it makes it much better because the little things have been thought out and make sense. Most importantly, it works and will give you some really great footage of your hunts this fall!

For more please go to: Tatacam

About Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman is an incredibly hardcore and intense hunter – perhaps one of the more passionate hunters you will ever meet. Her deep-seated love of the outdoors was kicked into high gear at a very early age while living with her family in Central Minnesota. Throughout high school she could be found in a tree stand before class, and dreamed of finding a way to hunt for a living and find a career in the outdoor industry.

After graduating with honors and a double major in TV Broadcasting and Spanish from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN, Melissa started her outdoor career as a TV intern. Within a few months she was offered a full-time position as a television producer and traveled the world filming a variety of incredible hunters and hunts most people never get the opportunity to experience.

Melissa experienced so much while sitting behind the camera, but longed for the day she could be the one squeezing the trigger and bringing the wonders of the hunt to viewers across the country – especially up and coming hunters as well as female hunters. In order to achieve this goal Melissa spent every spare moment filming all her own hunts. After each successful hunt she would edit the shows together and give the footage away in hopes of gaining exposure – a true labor of love. As every hunter knows, this takes a tremendous amount of time and patience, but after taking several nice animals and putting together solid shows Melissa’s wish was finally came to fruition – her time and place on the big screen had now become reality.

Now seven-years later Melissa spends over 170-days in the field testing ballistics, hunting and producing outdoor television. She is featured as the host of Winchester Deadly Passion on Pursuit Channel and Sportsman Channel. A series that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat – and one where you can explore many of the new products from Winchester. You can see more of Melissa at Melissa Bachman.

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