My Complete Escalade Sports Set Up

Bowhunter professional Matt Guedes talks about the equipment he has chosen and what it's done for his archery/bowhunting successes.

It always intrigues me to watch the buying and selling of the businesses within the outdoor industry. The desire to have the most amount of SKU’s under one umbrella seems to be driving the buying of some major outdoor companies by even more major outdoor companies and sometimes by companies that previously haven’t been outdoor oriented. The more SKU’s one has the easier it is to get your items into the big box stores and so the frenzy goes on.

Sometimes there have been some really good combinations of companies put together that make one stop shopping for complete set ups very easy. Other times there have been combinations of good and poor products that don’t benefit the hunter at all.

As I was thinking of this I began to look at my gear and noticed that the majority of my archery set up was from Escalade Sports. My Bear Archery Products bows, my Trophy Ridge Quiver, Stabilizer, and Rest, and my Broadhead is a Rocket Broadheads Ultimate Steel. My arrows are Black Eagle Arrows and my Rest is a Ripcord Code Red, but other than that it is all Escalade Sports Companies.

From a set up perspective, Escalade Sports has served me very well. My latest set up is my Bear Archery Products Anarchy HC in Realtree APS set up at 70 pounds with a 30 inch draw length. My accessories are a Trophy Ridge Lite One 5 arrow Quiver which I have grown to absolutely love, a six inch Static Stabilizer and a Micro Hitman 7 pin Bow Sight in .010 diameter pins. My Arrow Rest is a Ripcord Code Red which is not an Escalade Sports product. I am also shooting Deep Impact arrows from Black Eagle Arrows which is not an Escalade Sports product either. However, those vicious arrows are tipped with 100 grain Ultimate Steel Rocket Broadheads which is. This set up is 85% Escalade Sports and proves that when a strong parent company buys the right companies, there is a benefit to a serious outdoorsman or woman.

I am thankful for the personal benefit that my primarily Escalade Sports set up has brought to me. I have 3 bows that are set up in exactly the same way and they are proving themselves to be true in practice and in harvest. Check out these products by going to:


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