Aspirin Buster hits Texas

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation hosted a Stewards of the Wild program at Archery Country in Austin, Texas on November 19, 2014 and the star attraction was Frank Addington Jr and his archery Razzle Dazzle Show.

I was honored to be invited to perform a little "bow and arrow razzle dazzle" for the folks and speak to such a great group of young Texans who truly care about the future of Texas' wildlife and habitat.

My friend Frank Perry was on hand to toss targets for me. I did a variety of shots

A baby aspirin and the smaller 81 mg tablet. I use the 81 size now.

including multi arrow, multi target combos. The balloons kept getting smaller and smaller. Frank had never thrown before but he had it down pat. I had him toss one practice throw on the three 81 mg aspirin tablets (these are 1/3 the size of a baby aspirin) and that throw was perfect. So then I loaded three arrows in my Hoyt recurve bow, put the bow behind my back and nodded. As the pills went up I drew my bow and released the three arrows and nailed all three pills the first shot! The audience was stunned and silent for a minute then they realized what had happened.

Author with Jay Kleberg.

After some questions and answers it was time to close the show. It was a great program and I appreciate Jay Kleberg (pictured) for inviting me to be a part of the special evening. Jay's father is Tio Kleberg, of King ranch fame, whom I met back in the 1990's while performing shows for the family/owners of King ranch in So Texas. It's always great to visit with friends from So Texas!

Now that I am based in the San Antonio area it is much easier to do these type of shows. "Deep in the heart of Texas..." Shows like this one are cool because it allows me to visit with the audience and see their faces when I hit the pills!

In 2015 the Have Bow, Will Travel tour heads to shows in New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin and more. We are working on that schedule and should have it ready by year end. I always joke that after 29 years on stage I'm just glad the phones still ring and that people and the media still show up! 2015 will mark my 30th year on stage!


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