“Stalkers In The Backcountry” Video

Over five years in the making of this video, Stalker Stickbows offers an education for those new to bowhunting as well as the hardened and experienced hunters. Follow South Cox, bowyer and owner of Stalker Stickbows, on five successful spot and stalk mule deer hunts.

Experience the highs, the lows and the needed persistence, that can go along with hunting mule deer at higher elevations living on the gear in your backpack. Watch as South closes the distance to within spitting distance on beautiful velveted alpine bucks using what little cover is available. Feel the anticipation, the disappointment, and the thrill on each of South’s hunts. Learn what discipline it takes to be successful, especially after a few stalks that have gone wrong. Regardless of your choice of weapon, a traditional bow, a compound or rifle, “Stalkers In The Backcountry” will capture the attention in every hunter.

“Stalkers In The Backcountry” is followed by a wonderful segment of South taking the viewer through countless hours of building a Stalker Wolverine FXT recurve in just a matter of minutes. Learn how a craftsman can put beautiful exotic woods into a piece of art and the finest recurve available today.

To learn more about or order South’s new video, “Stalkers In The Backcountry”, other Stalker Stickbow videos, more about Stalker Stickbows or to learn how to get started in shooting traditional archery and to view a number of traditional “How to videos”, visit Stalker Stickbows’ website at; Stalker Stickbows, or call: 707-768-1900. See how Stalker Stickbows and South Cox, together, are building partners one bow at a time.