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Phoenix, Arizona P&Y Convention April 15-18, 2015 Every two years the Pope and Young Club gathers to celebrate North America's rich bowhunting heritage, honor outstanding examples of our wildlife, discuss issues relevant to the Club's role as a leader in the hunting and conservation community, do a little fundraising for the Club's Conservation Fund, and talk with old friends and meet new ones!

COME, join Pope & Young Club members from all over North America for our 2015 gathering!

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* Glassing for Trophy Animals by Duwane Adams * Packing for an Extreme Hunting Trip by Jason Hairston, Kuiu * Wilderness Conditioning and Nutrition by Cameron Hanes * Colorado Black Bear Home Range Study by Lyle Willmarth and Heather Johnson * Do-it-Yourself Coues' Deer Hunting by Phil Dalrymple * Bowhunting High Country Mulies by South Cox * Impacts of Coyotes on Whitetail Deer by Dr. Dave Samuel * Take Your Family Bowhunting by Corky, Cindi and George Richardson * Elk Hunting in the Southwest by Randy Ulmer


* Shooting Clinic by Dick Tone and Tom Clum * Wilderness First Ait by Amy LePage

Friday Luncheon: Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas 2013 - April 17, 2015

Theresa Vail was raised in the military, then enlisted in the Army National Guard at age 17, as a mechanic. She attended college with the intent of going to dental school, but along the way, entered the pageant world. When competing in her first pageant, she learned just two days prior to the competition that she would not be allowed to shoot her bow as her talent, due to a rule against the use of projectiles. With hours to prepare a new talent, she chose to sing opera - something she had never done before! She won the pageant, and the next, becoming the 2013 Miss Kansas. She competed in the Miss America pageant, and broke many barriers. Theresa is an avid and accomplished bowhunter, who accredits the outdoors with saving her life. Theresa is becoming the host of 'Limitless' on the Outdoor Channel. Come listen to her stories and experiences.

Friday Night Recognition Banquet - April 17, 2015

Friday night is our "people" night. A special ceremony will induct new members of the Fred Bear Society. We will recognize the recipients of the P&Y Conservation Award, the Stewardship Award and the Lee Gladfelter Memorial Award, as well as Photo and Art Contest winners and the 29th Biennium Panel Judges.

Tom Miranda, fellow P&Y Member, will give the Friday night presentation "30 Years of TV - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," taken from his lifetime of producing and participating in outdoor television series. Tom's shows are among the highest rated and most popular shows on ESPN, NBC Sports, the Sportsman Channel, and now exclusively on the Outdoor Channel. He's produced numerous DVDs and books chronicling his pursuit of big game around the world.

Saturday Luncheon: U.S. Olympic Archers Brady Ellison and Joe Fanchin - April 18, 2015

Brady received his first bow at the age of 7 and killed a black bear while bowhunting at age 11. He was nicknamed 'The Pup' when he first moved to the Olympic Training Center because he was the youngest member of the team. He participated in the 2008 Olympic Games, was Gold Medalist at the 2007 and 2011 Pan American Games, and was Gold Medalist at the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Archery World Cup.

Joe started shooting in elementary school with a hunting/field archery compound bow. He switched to an Olympic Recurve bow while attending school at the University of Southern California in 2006. He participated in the 2008 Olympic Trials, moved to the Olympic Training Center in San Diego and began shooting professionally in 2009. He won his first World Cup Medal in 2011, participated in 2011 World Championships and Pan-American Games, 2012 Olympic Trials and was named the Olympic Team Alternate, participated in the 2013 World Championships and won Team Gold Medal.

29th Biennium Awards Banquet - April 18, 2015

The convention will culminate with the 29th Biennial Awards presentation and banquet Saturday evening. The 29th Biennial Awards will be given in recognition of the most outstanding big game animals of the last two years.All new World's Records will be officially announced and the Club's highest honor, the Ishi Award, may be given. The drawing for the 2015 Conservation Raffle winners will take place.

We are especially pleased to have longtime member and our 5th and longest serving President, G. Fred Asbell, as our keynote presenter. Fred is well-known as a prolific writer, bowhunter, instinctive shooting instructor and bowyer, and is a member of the Archery Hall of Fame. Born and raised in Indiana, Fred will talk about his early bowhunting experiences in the 1960s.

2015 Live Auction - April 18, 2015

Saturday afternoon features an event that has become a convention highlight - the P&Y Live Auction, which raises important funds for Club projects such as the Conservation, Education and Outreach Fund and the Museum program. A wide variety of guided bowhunts will be auctioned. For an up-to-date list of Live Auction hunts, click here.

Additionally, many unique, historical and 'priceless' archery-related items are auctioned as well. A few hunts will be auctioned during the Friday Evening Banquet. The Silent Auction runs all day Friday.

TOUR PROGRAM Bighorn Sheep Viewing Steamboat Cruise - Thursday, April 16th, 8:00am

You will marvel as you travel up the historic Apache Trail in the Tonto National Forest, which provides the most awe inspiring and sublimely beautiful panorama nature has ever created. Every trip brings new revelations of rock formations, geological history and the flora and fauna distinct to the Sonoran Desert and Arizona's first historic highway, the Apache Trail. As you cruise the waterways your captain will recount the legend and lore of the Superstition Mountains and the Lost Dutchman's Gold. Expect to see a wide variety of wildlife; you may view the majestic desert bighorn sheep, mountain lions, as well as bald eagles, hawks and a host of other wildlife, water fowl and birds. Experience the unique ambiance that is created by the sounds of plying through the waters of the Canyon Lake! $50.00 per person. Max of 55 people.

Botanical Gardens and Tovrea Castle - Friday, April 17th, 1:30pm

The Desert Botanical Garden is home to one of the world's most spectacular living collections of the world's desert plants. Unusual plants including giant cacti, century plants and others in a natural setting create a striking visual treat. The Garden's living collection includes over 4,000 species and approximately 17,000 individual plants for which scientific records are kept. With more than 50,000 desert plants on display throughout five thematic trails that illustrate topics such as conservation, desert living, plants and people of the Sonoran Desert, and desert wildflowers.

In this tour we will step off of the main trail onto the Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert Loop Trail, which is one of the largest exhibits of its kind dedicated to helping people understand the complex cultural relationship between people and plants in our region. The trail winds through five habitats that have provided people with useful plants for food, fiber, medicine and cultural purposes.

A wealthy entrepreneur Alessio Carraro wanted to build an exclusive resort in the middle of the desert, surrounded by acres of dense, vibrant desert vegetation. In 1928 he bought 277 acres of undeveloped desertland with a shack on the outskirts of the city, and began constructing his dream or so he thought.

Tovrea Carraro Society Docents take you back in time as they introduce you to the characters that built and lived in the Castle and share interesting stories about the property and its history such as; why is there a bullet hole in the ceiling, why the bank vault is in the basement and why are Robin eggs embedded in the pulled-plaster ceilings? $60.00 per person. Max of 55 people

Heard Museum - Saturday, April 18th, 8:00am

The internationally acclaimed Heard Museum is one of the best places to experience the myriad cultures and art of the American Indians of the Southwest!Hear the stories, follow the history and study the artwork of the country's indigenous people. There are more than 40,000 exhibits across 12 galleries, including paintings, carvings, sculptures and Hopi Katsina dolls. The Museum's signature exhibit is Home: Native People in the Southwest. Listen to the voices of Native Americans from the region's major tribes as they talk about art, daily life and their relationship with the land. The museum also has an incredible gift shop with authentic, high-quality goods purchased directly from Native American artists. $40.00 per person. Max of 55 people

Author's Room - An opportunity for members to check out books and videos published by other members. During select times during all four days of the convention, a room will be available for members, or their designated representatives, to sell their books/videos. Pre-registration is required for a sales table.

Photo & Art Competition - A P&Y Convention Classic! Sharing memories of hunting trips and the scenery and animals we cherish is an important part of the overall bowhunting experience. This is a fun way to participate in the convention.

29th Biennium North American Big Game Exhibit

This indescribable display honors the very best big game animals that have been entered into the P&Y Records during the 29th Recording Period. Over 100 representatives of all 34 categories of North American big game will be present - including several pending new World's Records. An awe-inspiring display of exceptional animals and a testimony to the quality and welfare of today's wildlife populations and habitat, this is a truly unique opportunity to observe, appreciate and honor this continent's greatest natural treasure - its wildlife! Sponsored, in part, by Cabela's

Outfitter's Area

Book your next hunt, collect information for future hunts and simply dream of future adventures. From Thursday morning through Saturday, about sixy outfitters will be on hand, many of whom support the Club through donation of hunts for the Auction. The Outfitter's Area is certain to be a bustling place. This is a great opportunity for convention attendees to explore hunting opportunities and gather information for next year's adventures or that hunt-of-a-lifetime. New this year, the Outfitters Area will remain open through and after the Auction on Saturday. (Note: any outfitter interested in the limited booth space yet available should contact Club Headquarters at 507-867-4144).


At the Phoenix Convention, this coming April, we will be providing the opportunity for you to take the Arizona Hunter Safety Course and, thus, be able to earn a free preference point for Arizona draws.

There will be two classes, each limited to the first 50 people to reserve a spot. Both classes will occur on the Wednesday of the convention, April 15th: one in the morning, starting at 8am, and the other in the afternoon, starting at 1pm.


1. Choose your option of morning or afternoon. 2. Contact the Pope and Young Club, either by calling 507-867-4144 or by emailing membership@pope-young.org to reserve your spot, noting which option you chose. 3. You will then need to take the online portion of the or Arizona Hunter Safety Course sometime between now and March 31st. 4. Once you’ve completed the online portion of the course, contact the Club again to let us know you’ve completed the online work and provide us your certificate number. That will then confirm your reservation for the field day class. There is bound to be more interest than spots are available, so we will form a “waiting list.” If you fail to let us know that you’ve successfully completed the online course work, then your reserved spot will go to someone else on April 1, 2015.

The classes on Wednesday during the convention will take place at the Ben Avery Shooting Complex a few miles north of the convention resort. There is no cost for the class, itself, but you will be expected to pay $10 on the spot for the busing transportation to and from Ben Avery.

We thank Kellie Tharp (AZ Education Branch Chief) and Denise Raum (AZ Conservation Education Program Manager) for helping to make this happen for you.


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