Let’s face it, we all hunt by ourselves and it seems that is when we have our most successful days in the woods and harvest our biggest buck or our fattest doe. We are on top of the world when we set our arrow free, it hits perfect and we watch our prey go down within sight. Now the work begins.

Tag it or call it in, check. Field dress it, not a problem. OK, drag it out. Drag it out, lets see, we are about half mile from the truck or farther. Up hill, through a draw, let's not forget the tangle of blackberries and then through the creek bottom up the bank to the truck. Oh yes, we have all been there before. With a buck you will be doing the ole drag and rest routine and even though you have antlers to help with the process, its still a back breaker. But let’s talk about that big slick headed doe. Nothing to hold on to except four legs and even though she might not weigh as much as that monster buck she will be ten times harder to get out by yourself, until now.

The Leg Cuff Booth at this year's Archery Trade Association Show.

We met Joe and Tawnee Mancuso owners of All-InOutdoors at the ATA Show in Indianapolis this January. They were showing a product called the Leg Cuff that solves the problem of dragging a deer out of the woods. This lightweight compact cuff is easy to use. Simply position your deer’s legs above it’s head, open the cuff and clamp it to the front legs just above it’s hoofs. Snap the leg cuff closed and pull the handle to tighten. You can now pull your deer by hand or attach the handle to the strap on your safety vest. You can also fit the handle through a standard 2” ball mount on your 4 wheeler or truck. The leg cuff can be used on a variety of game animals including deer, elk , antelope and caribou. You can also use two Leg Cuffs to provide two handles so you and your hunting partner can drag out deer together.

The Leg Cuff is made of tough 100% glass filled nylon for strength that is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and the best part is the Leg Cuff is made in the USA. “ Hunters today are looking for easy to use solutions to assist in their hunt, that is why the Leg Cuff was invented” says Joe Mancuso.

I have already added the Leg Cuff to my pack and I’m sure you will want one to add to your pack as well.

For more information please go to: All To order or for information:All-InOutdoors. or contact Joe or Tawnee Mancuso at or Phone: 440-897-5770


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