COAGS provides Veterans and non-Veterans an opportunity to be trained for a career in the outdoor industry. The courses offered are the original: The Whitetail Course, Basic Course, Pro Hunting Guide Course, Fly Fishing Course and the recently added, African Professional Hunter Course.

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I know there are many great organizations that have reached out to help our Veterans returning from their deployment and also those transitioning out of the military permanently. I have come across organizations that sincerely serve those Vets and others that have just taken advantage of the Vets in order to tap into the Post 9/11 GI Bill. The hunting industry is not exempt from either of these types of organizations.

One of the organizations that has sought to genuinely help Vets with legitimate vocational training is The New Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School (COAGS). This school is located in the beautiful Western Slope of the Rockies in Mesa, Colorado. Known to be the top guide school in the country, The New Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School has now become a non-profit organization so that they can even further impact Veterans and their future.

COAGS provides Veterans and non-Veterans an opportunity to be trained for a career in the outdoor industry. There are 4 courses that have been offered for many years. These two week courses are the Whitetail Course, the Basic Course, the Pro Hunting Guide Course, and the Fly Fishing Course. COAGS has recently added the new African Professional Hunter Course. Most students take 3 to 4 of the main courses and the newly added African Course has piqued immediate interest.

Each course is used to introduce the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman to the basics of that particular area of study. The students will learn all the necessary skills associated with that topic in order to be prepared for their future. A completion of all 4 main courses will give the student a well-rounded vocational education of all that is necessary to become employed in the outdoor industry. You will learn about the different species, guiding, guiding with horses, preparation of game, cooking in the back country, tried and true hunting tactics, business principles, leadership, and much more.

The African Professional Hunter Course will take place in both Colorado and South Africa. This 21 day course is an incredible opportunity for the student to obtain a certificate as a Professional Hunter from South Africa and a completion certificate of this course from COAGS. Many in the outdoor industry call the Professional Hunter training in South Africa the top training offered to guides in the world. This training will help COAGS students to further differentiate themselves from those they are competing against for employment in the outdoor industry.

Some of our students are seeking true Vocational Training and COAGS works with many outdoor industry partners to help place their graduates into jobs. Some of our Veterans are receiving job offers before they have even completed the course due to the strong networking of the school. The school has also taken on several Vocation Rehabilitation military personnel. These students are no longer able to do their pre-military job due to an injury and are looking to be trained in a new field.

Other students come to the magnificent Rocky Mountains for a Vocational Educational Vacation. They don’t necessarily desire to work in the outdoor industry, but they desire to learn more about their outdoor passions and to be further educated while staying at a great destination. Their desires are to be a better hunter, a better outdoorsman or woman, more equipped in fly fishing or a plethora of other learning experiences they will encounter at COAGS that will make them a better-rounded individual.

No matter what your reason may be for attending one or all of the COAGS courses, you will find yourself better prepared for the outdoor industry or for your next hunting experience. One of the current students at COAGS told me, “I learned more these past 5 days about hunting whitetail than I knew in all of my years hunting combined”.

The New Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School is a vocational school that is approved to have any Veteran who has funding through the Post 9/11 GI Bill be able to use their funding for all or any of the courses offered including the African Course. This funding allows our Veterans to get the training they need to have a successful career in the outdoor industry. If you are looking for more information or if you want to sign up for courses simply go to COAGS Guide School. You can quickly find yourself in a serene setting and be trained for the rest of your life.

COAGS is currently looking for Corporate Partners to consider hiring their Veteran graduates to help them with job placement and career opportunities. These companies can be in the outdoor industry or outside of the outdoor industry. COAGS is also looking for Scholarship Sponsors who will fund a Veteran by donating the full tuition of the four main courses. This is a tax deductible contribution in which that Corporation can personally choose a Veteran to put through the course or COAGS has an extensive list of Veterans who are not qualified for the Post 9/11 GI Bill funding and would love to take the course. For more information on this opportunity please contact Matt at 970-986-0730. And make sure you tell them you saw this on Bowhunting.Net.


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