GOHunting Archery Edition

You can’t always be in a stand or a blind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on the hunt. MyGO Games’ GO Hunting: Archery Edition is a great way to get your bowhunting fix, when you can’t be doing the real thing. Or, you can even take it along on the hunt. Have some fun with this game while you’re waiting for the real game to appear.

In this latest release, MyGO Games has partnered with Bowhunting.net to offer busy hunters a faster way to progress to the top of their game. The newly released XP Boosts allow for accelerated experience acquisition, which means unlocking access to more game features, even more quickly!

The Bowhunting.net XP Boosts are available in three levels. They are perfect for busy hunters who want to take on the more challenging aspects of GO Hunting: Archery Edition without having to work through the elementary Hunts.

GO Hunting: Archery Edition is easy to play, but difficult to master, and offers exciting environments for all skill levels. In addition to classic hunting environments and diverse wild game, MyGO Games fully immerses players by allowing them to use their favorite brands.

Seasoned hunters are sure to recognize bows, sights, arrows, and other accessories from some of the most trusted names in Archery. It’s this dedication to creating a real hunt, in a virtual environment, that sets GO Hunting: Archery Edition apart from anything else you’ve ever tried.

It’s the partnership with these brands that fuels MyGO Games’ ability to offer incredible prizes. Since the beginning of the year, MyGO Games has furnished prizes from Bear Archery, TRUGLO, Sabona of London, Realtree Outdoors, SOG Knives and Tools, and YETI Coolers.

There are plans for more prizes than ever to be given away in 2015, and with Tournaments commencing soon in GO Hunting: Archery Edition, players will be sure to want to get in on the action.

And it’s not just archery brands that are getting in on the fun, some of the biggest names in hunting are on board to take players hunting in their favorite locations. Celebrity Hunts will be coming soon to GO Hunting: Archery Edition, and will offer a never-before-seen interactive excursion to hunt with archery authorities.

With the latest update, in addition to the Bowhunting.net XP Boosts, MyGO Games has introduced Cloud-Save. This process stores data in the cloud, which means progress will persist through updates, switching devices, and any other changes.

In an effort to ensure the best experience possible, players will no longer run out of arrows, and a revamped energy system means more opportunities to continue without succumbing to the perils of a long hunt.

The latest version of GO Hunting: Archery Edition is available for free on the Apple App store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store, for mobile devices, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+!

Download it today, and experience bow hunting in the palm of your hand!

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