Gary Elliott takes a look at the 2015 Intercept Axon Crossbow from Carbon Express.

Thanks to Carbon Express and Providence Marketing Group’s Frank Anthonis one of the field staff at Outdoor News & Reviews recently had an opportunity to review the 2015 Carbon Express Intercept Axon crossbow. The Intercept Axon 20261 kit comes with 3 Maxima Blue Streak bolts, Quick Detach Quiver, Rope Cocker, 4x32 Glass Etched Lighted Scope with Red/Green illumination and dimmer for varying light conditions, Rail Lubricant, and 3 Practice Points.

Upon taking out of the box I immediately noticed the patent-pending picatinny design platform which resembles the AR design including additional features such as the, fold away pistol grip, the 5-Position Tactical AR Stock Design that is fully adjustable to fit any shooting style and the 29 inches of rail. The compact design of the limbs (13.5" axle to axle cocked) allows for ease of use in stand or blind and helps make the crossbow a comfort to shoot. The Intercept is also equipped with SilenTech™ Coating, a rubber-like exterior finish that has been added to the Axon and which reduces vibration and sound.

There was little assembly required of the Axon because, it comes almost fully assembled. I just needed to insert the 5-Position Tactical AR Stock and attach the scope onto the rail system using a flat head screw driver and an Allan wrench which is provided. Just lubricate the rail, string and you’re ready to begin shooting. The quiver bracket is adjustable and allows you to mount the quiver to the left or right of the stock or parallel to the strings and cables. The quiver bracket and quiver both have quick detach mounts.

Frank sighted the crossbow in at a 50 yard indoor range. Immediately evident was that the Axon was quieter than most crossbows. In fact the impact of the 122 ft.-lbs. kinetic energy of the arrow into the target was louder than the release. Another impressive feature was the Axon no-creep trigger that achieves a clean break at a pull weight of just 3.5 lbs.

Once Frank sighted in, the impact difference between the 20 and 30 yard sight line was two inches. The difficulty was the 40 and 50 yard lines. The scope provided has a 2 yard variance between sight lines. Frustrated with the variance at 40 and 50 he quit at 30 yards and obtained their upgrade scope that can be set for the speed of the crossbow. In his opinion the Intercept Axon crossbow should not be affected by a variance yardage scope. Although thought may be that consumers may want to purchase the upgraded sight which works great with the Axon. Marketing what a concept!


• 122 ft-lb of Kinetic Energy

• Smaller frame and limb length

• Quieter than most

• Easy assembly

• the 5-Position Tactical AR Stock

• Auto engaging safety when you cock the crossbow

• The picatinny mounting platform is the most widely used and accepted mounting system in the firearms industry. Whatever you would like to mount to your crossbow is now a possibility on the intercept Axon. From flash lights and lasers, bipods, to camera and range finder mounts, the intercept Axon will accept it.

• Fully adjustable grips not only will it rotate to multiple angles to fit each shooters personal feel, but it also adjusts forward and rearward do to it being mounted to a picatinny rail. The combinations of adjustment between the stock and the fore grip allow each hunter to truly fit the Intercept Axon to their needs.


• Mass weight which is a little on the heavy side measuring in at 8.3 pounds without the scope, quiver, or any extra accessories.

• Provided scope—if you are planning on shooting over 50 yards with confidence you need to upgrade the scope.


• 360+ FPS

• 122 ft-lb of Kinetic Energy

• 175 lbs. Draw Weight

• 13.5” Power Stroke

• 8.10 lbs.

• 30 ¼- 35” Length

• 13.5” (Cocked) 17” (Un-cocked)

• 12” - 17.5” Length of Pull

For more please go to: Carbon Express Axon Crossbows


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