The new Barnett Brotherhood crossbow packs the punch to handle any big-game hunting situation, and Barnett's precise engineering has vaulted the Brotherhood to the top of crossbows in its price range.

With a draw weight of 160 pounds, the Barnett Brotherhood can deliver 109 foot-pounds of energy and shoot an arrow at 350 feet per second. While providing that power, the Brotherhood is far from bulky. With a sleek and streamlined design Barnett is known for, the Brotherhood weighs just 7.0 pounds and is 35.75 inches long and 21 inches wide. The power stroke is a short 13.5 inches, less than most crossbows and easier to cock.

It's no wonder you see Michael Waddell hunting with the Barnett Brotherhood on The Bone Collector television show. The Brotherhood features lightweight composite stocks and CNC Machined 7/8-inch Picatinny rails-the military standard for mounting scopes. They also have finger reminders for shooting safety and pass-through foregrips, plus the company's proprietary CROSSFIRE String and Cable System. The Brotherhood features a lightweight Magnesium STR Riser and high-definition camo pattern. The suggested retail is $499, and the package includes a 4x32 multi-reticle scope and a quiver with three 20-inch Headhunter arrows.

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