As all of you know, Rick likes to mention products that can benefit the BHN readers and in this Rick's Pick he spotlights not one, but three different companies he feels make fantastic products and all three are made in the USA.

The first company I would like to spotlight is Cedar Ridge Leather Works. This company is a one of a kind making leather gear for hunters and the shooting sportsman. Every single item is handmade from the highest quality leathers to ensure years of hard use in even the harshest environments. Every product is hand tooled and painted by international award winning artist Art Vincent.

Art Vincent is not only incredibly talented in his trade but he's also one heck of a nice guy. While I have never met him face to face I have talked to him on the phone a number of times. If you call Art you will be won over by his friendly, helpful demeanor and notice by the tone of his voice how excited and passionate he is about what he does and he is as honest as the day is long. Totally committed to archery and his company's products, Art has also won over 20 state championships in both 3-D and NFAA competition and is currently the NFAA indoor state champion in the traditional class. Art competes in both longbow and recurve. His reputation for his work is unprecedented and his guarantee is simple. “If it breaks, I’ll fix it----all guaranteed for my life."

How I ran across Art was by googling quivers. I hate a quiver on my bow because I do not like the extra weight. I saw Art’s PowderHorn Edition and after much consideration I purchased one. The quiver is incredibly well made and has drawn favorable comments from everyone who has seen it. The workmanship is all Art. It also comes with a quality file for sharpening broadheads or your knife, features rawhide trim to protect the hood edge and it will accommodate the newer longer 3:1 broadheads. It also comes with a handy D-Ring so you can hang it from your tree or blind while hunting. A nice touch too, Art can stamp your initials in the hood at no extra costs. The quiver is available in both right and left hand. Jump out to Arts website to see what he is all about; you will be in for a treat. Go to www.archeryleather.com

The second company is Grim Reaper broadheads. I have been shooting Grim Reapers for the last five years and I sincerely feel this is the best broadhead on the planet, period! I have been a die-hard bowhunter for the past 48 years and have taken many big game animals with a huge variety of broadheads. NONE OF THEM ever performed like the GRIM REAPER. Their motto is “Watch em drop” and man I have. I have had many animals drop within my sight, unreal! The Grim Reaper razor tip does not require O-Rings or added hardware to secure the blades. Grim Reaper’s design keeps the blades in place until impact due to the unique tension system spring. Every entry hole I have witnessed has been large and devastating which ensures lethal and humane kills.

This is the exit hole of the 400 lb boar the author took with Grim Reaper. The three boars pictured above also fell to Grim Reaper.

This past year I shot a monster wild boar on my ranch here in Texas. He tipped the scales at 400lbs. The big boar was quartering away and the broadhead entered behind the front shoulder and blew out the shoulder bone on the opposite side. This huge boar only went 60 yards. My feeling is that when a head can do that to a huge burly boar, it can take out any animal in North America. Also, an added benefit is they fly exactly like your field tips so it’s an easy transition in the field when you are hunting. They are also made in the USA for Hunters by Hunters. Again, in my opinion this is the best broadhead available today! To visit their site, go to www.grimreaperbroadheads.com

The last company I would like to feature is the Wildthings Fur Company. Wildthings is family owned and operated and does fur. Their products are constructed with only the best furs and will give the purchaser years of outstanding beauty and warmth. This past season was extremely cold and one evening I was freezing and my ears felt like they were going to fall off. I thought to myself, enough of this! Getting home I hit google and started looking for warm hats. I ran across Wildthings Fur and spent an hour on their site looking at various fur hats. After some hard choices I finally bought the raccoon super trooper hat. I received my hat within two weeks of my order. Talk about warm, wow. This thing will hold up under the harshest of conditions keeping your head and ears toasty warm and it also is very cool looking.

Fur hats are only part of Wildthings makes so be sure and check them out.

The folks at Wildthings Fur Company are very customer oriented and will gladly answer any questions you might have. All of their pelts are legally taken under regulated management which helps promote healthy wildlife populations. Visit their web-site at www.wildthingsfur.com

I hope you have enjoyed my picks. I personally have purchased products from all these companies and I can tell you first hand they are all very customer friendly. Their products are top quality and they stand behind them. Again, all three of these companies make their goods in the USA.