Opening Day For Turkeys Coming Soon

We're waiting for April and hoping the sun zaps the piles of snow so toms can strut without snowshoes. It's time to start thinking about opening day for turkeys. Where are you going to hunt? Do you have the turkeys patterned? What tactic do you plan to put into play?

These questions should be going through your mind right now and not the night before opening day. Have you thought your opening-day strategy through for 2014? If not, ponder some of these suggestions to ensure you'll be on the right track for a big tom this spring.

1. Scout now. Snow or not, find out where turkeys are spending their late-winter and early-spring days. Turkeys will undoubtedly begin to scatter as temperatures warm, but you may be able to situate yourself in the midst of a winter flock or at least its remnants for an opening-day attack.

2. Reacquaint with landowners. Whether you're attempting to acquire new hunting property or hunting a traditional favorite, stop by and visit with deed holders. It's always a good idea to let your past landowner friends know of your spring hunting intentions. And if you plan on landing a new hunting location you'll want the landowners to get to know you so they feel comfortable in their decision to give you the key to the gate.

3. Watch the flock. Since most turkeys spend part of their day on the edges of fields and openings you'll want to watch the flock, and note the clock. Keep tabs on when birds travel near good ambush sites such as narrow necks of timber or along a brushy edge where you could set up an invisible surprise attack. Watch from afar with a good binocular. Trail cameras can help you scout while you're away if legal in your state.

4. Stake a blind. Roomy blinds, like the new Shack Attack by Primos, give you shelter from the weather and a veil to stretch comfortably even when turkeys are in sight. They're also perfect for bowhunters getting ready to launch an arrow. Putting them out early guarantees that turkeys won't spook from their sight.

5. Lastly, inventory your gear. Go through your turkey vest and make sure your calls are in working order, you have the right ammunition for your shotgun, your decoys are shipshape and your bow, and arrows are ready to rock.

Opening day may have come for a few of you, but for the rest of us, turkey season is causing us to squirm in our seats. Are you ready?