A Review Of Johnny Stewart Diaphragm Calls

Last week, pre-dawn darkness found me set up along a fence line, looking to ambush coyotes leaving a calving area and having to cross an open field to do it. The first one came by 8 minutes before legal shooting light, so it got a free pass. The second one trotted by 10 minutes later and wasn't so lucky.

This one was moving at a fast pace, as if it didn't like being caught out in the open. Stopping it for a standing shot was done with one of my Johnny Stewart diaphragm calls already positioned in my mouth. I was tracking the dog in my scope and used the call to make a quick bark when the time was right. The big male stopped and looked my way as I sent a Nosler into its vitals—coyote down at a lasered 99 yards.

Hoping to catch another one crossing the field, I didn't move from my fence post as the landscaped brightened and magpies started to move. About 20 minutes later nothing else had come by, so I rearranged the diaphragm call on the roof of my mouth and let out a few lonely greeting howls. The call in my mouth was the Double Talk'n Dog model that's included in theJohnny Stewart Expert Edge Predator Combo Pack.

About 5 minutes after my howls had finished echoing across the fields, a coyote slipped out of a distant tree line on a route straight to me. Halfway across the field it froze when a school bus rolled by on a nearby grid road, and when it had passed, the coyote sat on its butt and contemplated what to do next. I coaxed some rodent squeaks out of the call and that convinced it to keep coming. At 84 yards I launched another Nosler, and two coyotes lay in the field in front of me. I figured that was about it for this spot, so with the sun now up and painting an orange glow onto the snow, I collected my fur.

Johnny-Stewart-Double Two coyotes taken with three different sounds from one call.

I like diaphragm calls, and Johnny Stewart's Expert Edge pack is a good example of the breed. As you can see from the above hunt, the Double Talk'n Dog model is extremely versatile and a great example of the range of sounds that can be generated by one hands-free call. It's the middle call in this set, the other two being more a distress call at one end and a deep throated howler at the other. Diaphragm calls take a little more effort to learn than other calls, but they're hands-free and freeze-proof attributes make them well worth the effort. The Expert Edge pack even comes with an instructional DVD, so there's no excuse not to give diaphragm calls, especially these Johnny Stewart models, a try.

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