4-Tips To Beat The Wind

It's as imminent as taxes in April: When 'yote hunting, the wind will invade. Strong wind not only decreases the distance your call can carry, but it makes for miserable conditions, especially when the temperature is close to zero. If you find yourself trying to rescue a weekend of predator hunting haunted by howling winds, you have two choices: call it quits, or try one of the following tactics.

Wind is a common occurrence and is bound to invade your coyote hunt sooner rather than later. The next time the wind blows, be ready with a plan that doesn't blow like the wind.

1. Drop in elevation. Move from high ground to low ground, where the wind will be less impactful. Drop into canyons, coulees, river-bottoms or creek corridors. Predators will also be taking refuge lower and out of the wind, so you should be in their zip code when you begin calling.

2. Think thick. In addition to lower elevation, you can also find refuge from wind by moving into timber and pockets of thick brush. The vegetation acts as a windbreak, and if you can locate openings within, you have the perfect location to target predators hiding out from relentless windburn.

3. Call louder. You still might want to start on low volume, especially in protected areas, but some blasting at the end could send your message over and above the wind to reach a hungry predator.

4. Speed call. I usually recommend staying longer on stand sites, but if your calls are reaching only short distances, it might be wise to follow the 15-minute rule. Call, wait 15 minutes, then move a short distance to try again. Charge ahead and you'll likely be successful.

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