Feeding Deer

Hunters and game agencies often debate the pros and cons of feeding deer during harsh winters. And while these debates generally center on large-scale feeding efforts, persons who live with deer out their backdoor face the dilemma on a more personal level.

I won't get into that debate here because space is too short. But I will make one observation regarding this video: The woman is being far too trusting of the muleys that come for her corn. I've seen deer battle in backyards over free food, and in my opinion she's being foolish to allow the deer to get that close, and she's almost asking for trouble by turning her back on them. Any of those muleys—even the fawns—is capable of knocking her to the ground to gain faster access to the corn bucket, and one of those bucks could do serious damage in the blink of an eye.

I know this first-hand. You see, many years ago my cousin was killed by a small 4x4 whitetail. It was one of a handful of "pet" deer that lived near his landscape business on the outskirts of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The buck rushed my cousin unexpectedly during a feeding scene much like the one in this video, knocked him to the ground and then drove one of its antler tines into my cousin's thigh, puncturing his femoral artery. My cousin bled to death before he could crawl back to his house.


Until next time . . . be careful out there.

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