You Call the Shots—Yea, You!

I'm fresh back from the big city after a lightning-speed trip that would have impressed Captain Kirk following a beam-me-up experience. The North American Hunting Club crew and I reunited to film another season of You Call the Shots segments.

I admit I was out of place in the studio located in the arts district of Minneapolis, Minnesota, but once the hunting footage started flowing, my redneck hunting strategies came back in full force. North American Hunter Senior Editor Luke Hartle shared the limelight with me as we pounded out segment after segment of hunting scenarios and added our 2 cents worth.

So why should you consider viewing You Call the Shots? First, it's great hunting entertainment. Our producers scour footage looking for unique situations that would make you think twice before shooting. Second, it does make you think. You have to think about shot angles, shooting light legalities, field judging, shot obstacles, wind, shot distances and a host of other circumstances. Third, you can get good information and debate whether the decisions we make on TV are the same ones you'd make in the field. Lastly, it gives you more hunting experience without the expense of going hunting.

You Call the Shots is one of the most popular segments produced by the North American Hunting Club, and if you can't find it on TV due to program scheduling you can always find it online. Of course, as a North American Hunting Club member you can also experience it in print while thumbing through every issue of North American Hunter magazine. Great photography and intriguing situations highlight hunts we'd all love to book.

I'll never say every one of my answers to a You Call the Shots scenario is correct, but I truly enjoy sharing my point of view when it comes to hunting. Go online to and click on the video icon for information on the networks where you can catch a new season of North American Hunter TV in 2014.

My opinions are about to be broadcast for the 2014 You Call the Shots segments, so now it's up to you. You call the shots!