SCI Convention Kicks Off Tomorrow

As I write this, I'm sitting in a Las Vegas hotel room preparing for the 2014 Safari Club International Annual Hunters' Convention. (Watch the video below for a Convention preview.)

During the next 4 days, I'll join more than 20,000 human beings from around the world at this epic event. Our common bond: We love wildlife. On that same note, many of us love to hunt—and kill—wildlife. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, because we kill in the name of conservation.

Whether you're in Harrisburg at the Great American Outdoor Show this week, or here with me in Vegas, or even at home on your couch, take a moment to remember why you're a hunter. It's because you put your money where your mouth is. You stand for something much greater than a freezer full of meat or antlers on your wall. Yes, we kill … but without us, the most beautiful things in life will die a permanent death.

Don't ever miss an opportunity to educate the ignorant. Never apologize for what you do.

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