4 Tips To Ensure Opening Day Turkey Success

Opening day for most turkey hunters is just around the corner. Turkeys are gobbling, strutting and even separating from large winter flocks. It's time to start thinking of moving one of those pasture giants to the Crockpot.

There's no better time than opening day. Turkeys haven't felt any hunting pressure yet. They'll be more susceptible to calls. There are more toms in the field than later when many have made the journey to the Crockpot. In brief, it's the perfect window to take advantage of inexperienced toms. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of opening day then consider a few of the following strategies. Your Crockpot may thank you.

Think whitetail. Turkeys are still on a pattern on opening day. Watch where they land in the morning, where they feed at midday and the path they take back to roost in the afternoon. One of these areas will provide you with the perfect pinch point to waylay a wandering tom.

Flock shoot. No don't literally shoot into the flock. Instead, set up a decoy flock of your own and have it dominated by a jake decoy. Staking out one decoy may garner attention, but since turkeys will likely still be in large flocks a layout of three to four decoys will grab more eyeballs. A jake in the mix could spark a tom into a brawl providing you with a shot that even Joe Biden's wife could make with her "shotgun."

Call aggressively. With large flocks likely the norm you'll have to get bossy to drive the boss hen your way. Crank up the volume and let her have it. A gobbler will follow the hens around like a dog on a leash so your job is to push the buttons of the boss hen and lure her into shotgun range. The tom will follow giving you a window for a Hornady ending to the hunt.

Lastly, don't worry about being under the roost before shooting light. Toms will have more than enough hens to pester at sunrise. Sleep in and try to intercept the flock around midmorning after the initial hubbub has died down. Injecting the flock with a dose of attitude then could make them run to you like a millionaire tossing $100 bills randomly in a crowded shopping center.

Give these strategies a try for opening day. If that doesn't work, tune in. I'll offer up some of my midseason secrets in a coming blog. Good luck and if you have additional ideas, be sure to post them in the comment section.