Final Product Round Up: Predator And Varmint

This is my third and last formal report from SHOT. However, SHOT never really ends because during the coming year I'll be looking in detail at more of the new goodies manufacturers have for us predator and varmint hunters. Until then, here are a few more quick peeks at gear that caught my eye on the show floor.

Redfield Battlefield Binoculars
OK, I admit that I'm tired of black binoculars. So, when I saw Redfield displaying a binocular in digital camo, I wandered over for a look. Sure, they look fine, but it turns out the good stuff is on the inside. This 10X42mm binocular has a reticle! It's housed in the left barrel, can be rotated and consists of vertical and horizontal lines with hash-marks at 2-MOA intervals.

Redfield's 10X42mm Battlefield is the ultimate binocular for a spotter/shooter setup. A reticle in the left barrel of this optic contains vertical and horizontal 2-MOA hash marks, allowing for precision shot spotting.

It's intended to be used by a spotter to call corrections to a shooter. If the shot misses and the spotter can see the hit, he can immediately tell the shooter how many MOA in elevation and windage the shooter is off. That makes corrections accurate and easy, especially because the reticle in the binocular matches the reticle in Redfield's Battlezone riflescopes. Think that might be handy in prairie dog town? It gets better. Suggested retail is only $199 and it comes with Redfield's lifetime warranty.

Remington 870 in FDE
Put a tight choke tube in a tactical shotgun and you've got a great tool for gunning predators at close range. Unfortunately, most tactical shotguns are black, and unless you hunt at night, some other color would work better to remain hidden. While I don't think they had predator hunters in mind, Remington just added Flat Dark Earth (FDE) as a color option for the Express Tactical 870.

Remington's Express Tactical 870 is now offered in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) as a color option.

This should work great for those who hunt in arid terrain or in places with dried-up vegetation. Besides, I'm tired of black guns, and that makes FDE a welcome color change. Retail should come in around $800.

Western Rivers Stalker 360
And here's a new tool to get those predators within shotgun range: Western Rivers has added a new e-caller model labelled the Stalker 360. Its most interesting feature is speakers that swivel.

The Stalker 360 e-caller from Western Rivers has swivel speakers for multi-directional sound output.

At each end of the caller resides a speaker unit that can be rotated 180 degrees via remote control, and each speaker is capable of playing a different sound. To the best of my knowledge moveable speakers have never been offered on a caller before; it's an interesting idea. It should add to realism as it could be used to subtly vary the sound being produced—such as an injured animal moving around in a small area. Price will be about $450.

Real Avid's Gun Tool Pro-AR15
The folks at Real Avid are obviously real avid AR fans, because they've added a dedicated AR tool to their award winning multi-functional Gun Tool. This little piece of engineering genius is said to have 35 tools to assist black rifle owners in keeping their guns running.

If, like many people, you use ARs for your predator hunting, this looks like a must-have tool. There are tools for disassembly, cleaning, sight adjusting, cutting, filing, hammering and probably picking your nose. (Be sure to read the instructions first ... just in case I'm wrong about that nose-picker.) In any case, I already told my wife I want one for Valentine's Day.