Would You Shoot This Jake?

Some diehard turkey hunters frown on killing jakes. Not me.

I consider myself a diehard, and I'll be in the turkey woods at o'dark-thirty on April 5 in eastern South Dakota. The weather forecast? Between 6-9 inches of snow, air temps of 14 degrees, and northwest winds of 25 mph. But I'll be after the birds because I love it, no matter the conditions.

And I promise you that if Mr. Snowman Jake shown in this video struts by my ambush site, I'll send a Magnus Bullhead broadhead on its way. (Be sure to watch long enough to hear his gobble!)

I've seen several white hens during my many years of turkey hunting, but I have yet to spot a white tom or jake. Now that I think about it, if the weatherman is correct with his forecast, I might really have trouble spotting one this weekend.

Until next time . . .

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