Maine Bear Hunting Under Attack

You may or may not know that the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) has come back to Maine with the intention of shutting down the bear hunt. They've initiated a referendum vote for November 2014 to ban bear hunting with the use of bait, hounds, and trapping. These three means are not only part of Maine's hunting heritage, but are the the most effective ways to control the bear population.

Maine's biologist have developed and maintained the best bear study program in the United States. As the bear population continues to grow year after year, our biologists and the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW) have been creative and introduced new opportunities for sportsmen to harvest more black bears. These techniques and opportunities are important to maintain a healthy population and to keep bear, human conflicts in check. Bottom line, we need to kill more bears, not less!

We are banding together here in Maine to try and protect our bear hunting rights. Educating the citizens of Maine prior to the November vote is our only chance to successfully save our bear hunt. Most of Maine's voters are in Southern Maine but most of Maine's bear hunters and outfitters are in Northern Maine. TV and radio ads targeting this southern population and geographic area will be the key for us to win this fight.

Guides and Outfitters in Maine depend on the bear hunt to keep our businesses running. Millions of dollars are brought into our rural economy through the bear hunt. Non-residents flood our camps in August, September, and October to try their chance at killing a black bear. These dollars also help fund Maine IFW through license and permit fees.

I am asking you to help out in any way possible. It is no secret, we need money to fight this battle and keep up with the deep pockets of HSUS.

More information can be found by clicking here.

Thank you,

Joshua Rhodes

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