You Call The Shots: Turkey Time

It's spring and the gobblers are strutting everywhere. We want to hear your thoughts on the photo above and the scenario below, in this edition of You Call The Shots.

Tool: Shotgun
Range: 50 yards
Wind: Calm

It's been a long morning—especially after a restless night dreaming of exactly what's unfolding in front of my eyes. After roosting this tom the night before, I figured he'd show up, but I expected him much sooner. He was dialed in on my hen decoy nearly running at me, then he stopped for some reason. Now he seems to be hung up at 50 yards but still gobbling his head off every time I throw a call in his direction. This big boy is a little further than I normally feel comfortable shooting, but the Winchester Longbeard XR I have in my 12 gauge should have me covered. I'll take a deep breath, hold it, slowly squeeze the trigger and give this tom a permanent nap in the grass!

How about you, would you take this shot?

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