A Timney Fix For Remington's Recall

Last week Remington issued a voluntary recall on some models of their centerfire rifles. They aren't the first company to recall guns for a safety issue and won't be the last. However, for this recall there are realistic options other than sending your gun back to the factory.

You can find all the details on this latest recall at the safety section of the Remington website, but it's all centered around the triggers of recent production Remington Model 700 and Model 7 rifles. While I haven't heard an official count, there's no doubt this will affect a large number of rifles. If you have a recalled rifle, you should definitely consider taking the corrective solution being offered. Remington will even cover all shipping, so it's a no-cost option.

But the other possibility is to take this opportunity to upgrade the trigger on your rifle to an aftermarket product. After all, there are more aftermarket parts available for the Remington 700 than any other bolt action centerfire, and replacement triggers are one of the most popular upgrades.

Timney is one company that makes a great selection of triggers for Remington firearms, and their products are worthy of your consideration if you want to go the upgrade route. A quick visit to the Remington product pages of Timney's website shows six different triggers fitting the rifles affected in this recall. Their products start with a basic replacement trigger that includes a safety and is fully adjustable in pull weight from 1.5 to 4-pounds. At the other end is a competition model with no safety, a trigger that's adjustable from 4 to 10-ounces and even has an adjustable trigger bar so you can choose where your finger is positioned in order to make the squeeze. Prices range from about $135-$210.

Replacing a Remington 700 trigger is a relatively easy task and well within the capabilities of anyone who has some basic tools and a bit of patience. Most gunsmiths can do it blindfolded, so it's not rocket science. I've found the key is to use slave pins (Timney calls them keeper pins) that keep all the pieces together while doing the installation. As well as complete instructions, Timney is thoughtful enough to include a pair in every trigger where their use would be helpful.

Remington 700s have always been known for having better-than-average triggers and that remains the case to this day. However, they are produced to a price point and a high-quality aftermarket trigger is an improvement that will address the problem, improve performance and add value to the gun.

Unlike some people, I'm not bashing Remington over this recall. Stuff like this happens to every big company. Congratulations to Remington for taking the initiative to voluntarily issue this recall in the first place. They didn't have to do this, but obviously saw a potential problem and did the correct thing by offering to make it right to any affected owner. Good for them.

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