Super Coolers Extended

Extra information from the "Rise Of The Super Coolers" article in North American Hunter magazine.

Esky Series Seriousness,br> In Australia, the Esky brand is synonymous with outdoor ice boxes, so much so that say the word to any Australian and they'll instantly know you're talking about a cooler. It makes sense that a brand synonymous with the American outdoors—Coleman—introduce the brand to the United States market with a line of super coolers for outdoorsmen.

Though the name might be Australian, Coleman's Esky Series Coolers are made in the USA with scratch- and UV-resistant shells featuring 2 inches of insulation in the walls and 2½ inches in the lid and floor, where most cold-air loss occurs. Outdoorsmen friendly features include an anti-microbial treated liner that resists mildew, and an integrated cutting board to provide a sure, slip-resistant cutting surface.

Yeti Versatility
As perhaps one of the most well-known brands among super cooler fans, Yeti has been perfecting the design and cold-retention properties of their products for the better part of the past decade.

With models such as the Tundra 75 (pictured), style meets utility to suit the well-rounded outdoor enthusiast. For the fisherman, the small footprint makes it the perfect ice chest or center console seat. And for the hunter, the Tundra 75 is "grizzly proof" when combined with Yeti bear-proof locks.

And no matter the use, anyone interested in quality can appreciate the roto-molded design and 2 inches of pressure-injected insulation to keep contents cool for those extended trips.

The Everlasting Engel
Even with countless features lining each and every DeepBlue cooler Engle manufactures, there's still plenty of room for gear and grub in any model that rolls out of the factory. Putting the "super" in super coolers, each is a certified bear-resistant container, the hinges are mounted flush to avoid snagging, holes are bored in the corners to fit aftermarket locks, and the lid is treated with a non-skid material so the cooler can be used for sitting or standing.

On the inside, an air-tight freezer gasket seals the entire lid, the bottom is pitched for easy draining and the walls are treated for easy cleaning. All this, combined with 2 inches of polyurethane insulation on the lid, sides and bottom allow Engel to boast an 8- to 10-day lifespan on any ice inside.