Hen Decoy vs. Magnum Shotshell

When it comes to decoys, I look for two things, realism and durability. While cost is a factor, the way I figure it, if a decoy lasts forever then it's money well spent.

If you're a diehard turkey hunter, you've no doubt heard of Dave Smith Decoys. Do DSDs pass the realism test? Without question. Next to carrying a taxidermy mount into the field, you'd be hard pressed to top a DSD.

Do they pass the durability test? As this video shows, DSDs are virtually indestructible thanks to ACE Technology. What's ACE? It stands for Advanced Crosslink Elastomer, which in layman's terms means the decoy material is flexible, self-healing and has superior paint retention.

And perhaps best of all, DSDs are made in the USA. Hooyah!

Until next time . . .

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