You Call The Shots: Investing In Color

It's spring and that doesn't mean turkey hunting for everyone,some folks are out chasing black bears. We want to hear your thoughts on the photo above and the scenario below, in this edition of You Call The Shots.

Tool: Mathews Creed XS Compound Bow
Range: 22 yards
Wind: Calm

In these parts, color-phase bears are as rare as Bigfoot sightings. See that little furball on the left? That's a legit chocolate. And see his mamma right there? She's been caught with her paw in the cookie jar and has clearly made a living at stealing sweets because that's a good-sized girl. It's opening day of the bear season and because those cubs were born last spring, that's a legal sow.

Even though her front right leg is covering up part of the vitals, the shot is there. Black bears are big and muscular, but not necessarily big-boned. Shooting a 480-grain arrow from a 70-pound bow at 22 yards ... money. If I were interested, I'd aim halfway up her body and just behind the imaginary vertical center line on that close front leg.

But I'm not interested ... for two reasons. I have nothing against shooting a big sow, but I have a pile of trail cam photos of a huge boar consistently working this same bait on the fringe of nightfall ... so I know he's living close. And more importantly, there's a 50/50 chance she's the party carrying the genetics to produce color-phased young. And that's what will allow her a free pass from me.

Here's to investing the sweat, time and hope that little chocolate cub sticks around for another 5 years or so. When that day comes, this scenario will end much differently.

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