You Call The Shots: Whitetails On Your Brain

Summer is just around the corner, and even though you probably have fishing on your mind, you also can't get whitetails out of your head, either. We want to hear your thoughts on the photo above and the scenario below, in this edition of You Call The Shots.

Tool: Recurve (no bowsight)

Range: 18 yards

Wind: Calm

With a compound and bowsight, you'd already be a full-draw, waiting for this big buck to turn perfectly broadside before releasing the arrow. Or perhaps you couldn't wait and have already shot, even though the buck is slightly quartering-toward.

But to make this scenario more of a challenge, let's say you have a recurve. In other words, you can't draw and hold . . . and hold . . . and hold.

How about you, would you draw now and then take this shot?

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