Secure Handguns With Hornady's RAPiD Safe

There's a fine line between keeping your handgun safe from unauthorized users and in easy reach for personal defense. Both are important, especially in a household with children, but how do you solve the problem to ensure you can keep your family safe in either situation? Consider Hornady's new RAPiD Safe.

First, Hornady's RAPiD Safe is simply that. It's safe. It's manufactured to exceed the ASTM International performance standards for youth resistant firearm containers. You'll feel confident that your safe provides the highest level of childproof safety and deters undesirables from your firearms. It's also rugged. Constructed of 16-gauge steel that's wrapped, it weighs a hefty 15 pounds and utilizes a 1/4-inch steel dual locking system. It comes with a security cable rated at 1,500 pounds to attach the safe to any immobile object to avoid safe theft. In brief, it's nearly impossible to break into or carry away.

It also features quick access with backup options. You can choose between four options or have all four ready just in case things unravel fast. You can use a patent-pending Radio Frequency Identification or RFID bracelet for immediate access. The safe also opens with a key fob like newer cars or a card passed over an electronic reader. All of these operate from the power provided by a household 110-volt outlet. Backup power is provided by a battery pack that can be used 24/7 in areas without electrical access. If you like tradition then you can utilize the conventional key lock that comes standard with the unit.

If you're looking for a dependable safe to store your handgun with a barrel length of up to six inches consider the RAPiD Safe from Hornady.

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