Trail Cams Help NY Cops Catch Copper Thieves

A major player in the world of optics, hunting gear and accessories, Bushnell Outdoor Products, was recently treated to the type advertising you can't buy for any price.

What's that type of advertising you ask? Well, the best kind of advertising, free advertising.

Bushnell received the prominent mention when one of its popular products recently appeared in a New York Times article—an article that had nothing to do with hunting. At least not in the usual sense.

Bushnell's Trophy Cam was the central subject of an article about the increasing number of incidents of copper thievery in the city's sprawling subway system. The Trophy Cam was specifically named as an integral tool in the effort by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to arrest and prosecute underground copper crooks in New York City.

According to the article, the thieves break into restricted areas behind tunnel walls and spend hours exploring and sawing through the negative-return cables—the ones without power—1 foot at a time. They collect what they can physically carry and then sell it to scrap-metal and recycling companies for about $3 per pound.

In recent months, MTA officers have been rigging the Trophy Cams to poles in the tunnels and elevated tracks of the subway system. When they check the data, sometimes they discover a clear and time-stamped image of a man walking along a dark track, the Times article reported. Further, with the camera's advanced options and night vision, the culprit isn't even aware he's been photographed.

"Within 3 hours of the first camera being installed at one location, copper cable thieves were caught on camera and eventually arrested," said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

So far, nine incidents of trespassing in the subways have been caught on camera, and two people have been arrested as a result.

The MTA authorities might agree with the deer hunter talking about the advantages of using the Bushnell camera on the company's website: "This thing is truly a game changer."

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