Spring Checklist For Whitetail Hunters

Summer will be here before you know it, and with summer comes certain irresponsibility with lake outings, family reunions, barbecues, camping trips and visits to the ballpark.

Here's a quick checklist of things you need to get done as hunting season creeps closer. Don't lose your focus.

  1. Plant your food plot(s) or prepare to plant a fall plot to keep whitetails interested in your honey-hole.

  2. Purchase that new gear and get familiar with it. If you're shopping for a new bow or firearm, get it done now so the bells and whistles won't be a surprise later.

  3. Get in shape. Be honest. How many of you are in really good shape, and how many of you fall into the national statistic that says 60 percent or more of Americans are overweight or obese?

  4. Check for leftover licenses. Leftover lists are showing up daily on fish and game department websites, giving you one last chance for a deer, elk or pronghorn hunt.

  5. Invite a youngster to the range or scouting with you. It's your responsibility to inspire the next generation. Get inspirational.

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