Get Your Spouse Involved In Shooting Sports

Does your spouse express an interest in firearms? Have you thought about making your significant other a shooting or hunting partner? Maybe it's time you jumpstarted that curiosity. Here's how to get your spouse out to the range and possibly into the field to enjoy the shooting sports.

  1. Ask them about their goals. Do they want to hunt, are they interested in competitive shooting or are they concerned with personal defense?
  2. Have them take a certified hunter's safety course. If they are more interested in personal defense have them take a basic handgun course.
  3. Purchase them proper-fitting safety equipment including shooting glasses, and hearing protection. If they plan on shooting a lot look into shirts or jackets with padded shoulders to minimize recoil.
  4. Team them up with a comfortable "starter" firearm. Start with an air rifle if needed. Don't bring out the big guns yet.
  5. Make sure they have fun and set targets that guarantee success. You can teach long range shooting later.
  6. Answer all questions patiently and to the best of your ability. Be honest if you don't have an answer, but always portray enthusiasm.
  7. Research to see if there are any female-only shooting events or clubs to accommodate women shooters. It's fun to shoot with your husband, but sometimes girls just want to have a girl's day out.
  8. If they dig the shooting sports it's time to purchase them a firearm that fits them like a fine glove. Make sure length of pull, weight, sights and trigger pull all feel perfect to your spouse.
  9. Enroll them in advanced shooting courses if their interest expands. You may be a good shot, but sometimes it's just easier to learn from an outside source.
  10. Lastly, don't prod them into your interests. Let them explore. Your spouse may enjoy shotgun sports like trap whereas you may just enjoy waterfowl hunting with a shotgun.

Having a shooting or hunting partner you can trust is a great situation to land in. What better person than your life partner, your spouse.

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