You Call The Shots: Last-Chance Longbeard

If you're lucky enough to live in the South, you got to start hunting turkeys nearly 2 months ago and the love in Gobblerland is starting to cool down. But if you're a Northern climate turkey hunter, the birds are still rockin' and seasons have been going for only a few weeks—but they're nearly over.

Let's suppose you run into a situation like the one pictured here. You've got a pile of longbeards that have come charging to a lonely hen call when all the real hens are nesting and demanding solidarity.

But just as things are about to come together like they always seem to do "in the movies," one gobblers spooks and starts to pull the entire group with him. You've got only a few seconds to make a shot at the last straggling tom, and there's a single branch directly between your bead and his melon. If you move, he's likely to tuck and run, leaving you with nothing but an empty tag and despair to tote home in your turkey vest.

So, whatcha gonna do?

Log into the premium forums to discuss—I've already got a thread going, and I'll let you know what I decided to do. But I want to know if you agree …

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