Be A Trouble Maker: Stir The Pot

Hunt turkeys long enough and you're bound to end up with a drawer full of calls that resemble a hen's scrambled plumage on a windy day. And when spring rolls around, pairing strikers with their rightful pot calls quickly becomes more frustrating than oversleeping on opening morning.

Sure, strikers and pots are paired because of the sweet music they make together, but that doesn't make them soul mates.

So, stir the pots. Lay your orphaned strikers in a pile and grab a rogue pot. Then, close your eyes and work each striker with the pot until you find the one that sounds best. Continue your match-making with the other pots and strikers.

Sure, you're likely thinking, It sounds good to me, but will it work on a gobbler? Well, you're essentially working with a stick and a stone—which will sing to their hormones—but it's the well-placed shot that'll turn their heads to jelly.

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