Prank That Could Turn Friend Into Foe

Everyone—OK, almost everyone—loves a good prank. But there's a big difference between mooning a buddy's scouting camera (anyone?) and doing something that could jeopardize a friendship.

Case in point: In the years before scent-elimination sprays and carbon-lined suits, savvy hunters relied on commercially available skunk cover scent. We don't remember who offered it, but if you're under the age of 30 you'll have to trust us; you could buy a small bottle of it in your local sporting goods store.

Deer camp pranks involving skunk scent were legendary. And now, the chance to re-live those good ol' days is back thanks to Skunk Fusion—a two-part synthetic scent that doesn't activate until mixed.

Used properly, Skunk Fusion should confuse a whitetail's nose without alerting its brain. Used improperly, well ... let your imagination run wild.

(Disclaimer: If you tell a prank recipient that you heard about Skunk Fusion from us, we'll deny it.)