Chatellier Game Sauce

You kill it. You eat it. Most of us live by that motto, even if it occasionally means stomaching a not-so-tasty piece of wild game flesh.

But some hunters "donate" their meat to folks who "know how to cook." That's just crazy. A hunter should protect his/her freezer full of flesh, and every hunter should be able to enjoy the meat they harvest.

Flash back to the 1970s and you'll find a group of duck hunters who were seeking an all-purpose solution for cooking mediocre meat. They called their buddy, John Chatellier, and he served up a truly special sauce. Since then, the rare wild game sauce has been deemed the "savior" by a cult-like following of hunters across the country.

Put simply: You need to get this sauce. You'll never again ask, "What's for dinner?" You'll be feasting on fantastic flesh Monday-Sunday.

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